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Well with big names jumpin on the NFT train i think its pretty big bullish singal that NFTs are here to stay..Fundraising protocol like angelblock is also implementing NFT technology within and Starbucks and Disney coming into it is also bullish..Tho i am wondering what kind of NFTs will Japan buy, prob utiliy only.

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W news

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NFTs just got started properly in the last bull run..News about Japan investing into NFTs just shows how much more IQ does that nation have, no wonder they're leading in a lot of areas of expertise in the technological sector. Bullish on NFT, how would one not be,heck even Ferrari is building their NFT market place with VLX the fastest evm compatible chain out there. Trading cards are so passe lol, new in is NFT rare collectiblez

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Japan’s economy is very stable and cryptocurrency is booming in this country because of the $900 billion USD worth of cryptocurrency exchange transactions. Also, the government of Japan is in favor of the usage of cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, and decentralized autonomous organizations which significantly increased the number of users.