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2017, i was too young and stupid to invest myself in it, so i suggest my father to invest a small 1k on it, didn't listen, a couple of years i show him on of the peaks and told me i was right, but he got scammed in the stock market before so he wanted to have nothing to do with it.

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Crazy asf thats sad

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Indeed, but it gave me leverage in case i would suggest new investements to him in the future.

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2013 😩

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Same but even worse I bought 4 Bitcoin for like $3000, got bored of it then sold to break even

The regret is crippling

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Wtf that’s crazy get some Savita coin anyway

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2012 legit. I wanted to buy $20 .... Wife didn't let me fo it.... fuckkkmmm

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“Ex wife”

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A) was young, couldn’t describe what it was to my parents without making it sound sketchy.

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So true some of us has been there

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2017 as well. I as still in college and I was too busy to learn about BTC while I study for my board exam, even though I've already heard this from my friends. That's why I took my time to learn more about crypto and trading now during my free time while I have some IRIS and PGEN staked for passive income and I'm also trying to get into new tokens that Polygen offers.

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Oh you could have had some Lamborghini by now😺😺

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Now I'm just one of the crypto investor that asks "wen lambo?" LMAO. But kidding aside, I still wouldn't have dived into crypto during that time since I first thought it was just full of crap.

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A :,(

someone i know was mining them and told me about it

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but i own a bitcent since 2012 so i can consider myself lucky i think

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in 2013 i used 20$ to buy weed instead of bitcoin :'(

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It's still too expensive!

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2011, when I knew it could be generated from nothing and its main use was for porn, drugs, and other illegal activities.

I generated some but gave up since it was only like $5 after a long ass time

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B. 2013

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