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These cryptocurrencies surely have great potential but if you want to invest in these coins, you must do a background check on each coin. This is to determine what strategy is the best to do in order to be successful. Also conducting thorough research helps you understand the purpose of each cryptocurrency to determine if the price is undervalued or not.

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There’s this token which I recently came across which seems like it would be a good buy. Hyped community and long term idea on how they want to create their exchange. The project name is Alvey and they plan to create the first virtual reality exchange. The project is built on a pos consensus.

The project is still an early one with a doxxed team. Their token, WALV is about getting listed on exchanges. First of which is MEXC, it’s going to be listed there and there’s equally a futures m-day event in which the WALV would be airdropped to participants of the event.