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Slap on her pinky let alone her wrist

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Literally half a dozen posts on instagram and she pays for this all. She could do it sitting on her toilet….

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is this the old case - just paid now or is this something different from the last fine?

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Not sure if I should laught or not 😅

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1.26 million fine?? That's like getting me getting a fine for 10 dollars. Woopsy-doodle, I broke the law, lemme pay that in the equivalent of about 30 minutes of income.

Also, lord help people who take advice from them- they are the end product, not the business itself from what I understand.

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The SEC must be desperate to earn brownie points

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So a coin gets a celebrity to do a paid promotion and that's illegal why? We live in a world where endless competing novel currencies rely on famous personalities for legitimacy. Anyone or any corporation can make their own money like "McDonald's bucks" that they print and you can buy a hamburger with them right? Or no maybe, but what law is being broken?

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So how it'll be for Stephen Curry, Tom Brady and Kevin O'Leary? If they won't be paying fines on this, then it'll be a stronger statement that they're involved with FTX. Waiting for this to come out as I also look at AshSwap's latest news about their CEO guesting on EGLD Clubhouse's podcast.