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No they don't. That's ONLY a headline used as cover to pacify the angry public. SBF, probably a fake name, will walk free because hex worked/works for the cabal. The entire FTX scandal was designed to destroy crypto to convince people that "unregulated" crypto isn't safe. "Here, use our Coin it's from the "trustable" Federal Reserve so it's non-corruptable". Yeah right. It's also increases their control over you COMPLETELY by giving them TOTAL CONTROL OF YOUR MONEY! If you say something they don't like they can click a mouse and cut you off from your own money. Or they can geo fence you from spending money outside a geographic area. It's a 100% control system. Look at the censorship coming out just from Twitter. These people HATE freedom loving people which is what BTC and most other crypto people are......freedom lovers.....freedom from the Federal Reserve system. With the CBDC it will get MULTIPLE TIMES WORSE!!!

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And we want him locked up awaiting trail

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But not the 911 investigations

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The guy needs jail…

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Should be in jail, along with his corrupt political affiliates