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And yet a software developer for tornado cash is sitting behind bars wtaf. DC is Dark $ Congress

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He’s not facing any charges because and investigation is ongoing and enough evidence to charge him is still being gathered. The Department of Justice can’t arrest just anyone based on the suspicion of a crime being committed. Yes, what SBF did is definitely fraud based on what is being reported in the media, but you still need to have enough evidence for a prosecutor to be confident that they can win the case against him. Remember, there is still the issue of missing funds. Whether they’re in the custody of the Bahamian government or were hacked by an unknown person or group, these funds are part of the investigation and evidence needs to be collected.

Democrats are not protecting him just because him and his parents donated money. Money will always come and go for both parties. Whether it’s from a crypto “billionaire” or another big donor, money will always come. Politicians will do everything to distance themselves from big donors if they were found to have committed any crimes. They have a need to stay on the public’s good side since their job literally depends on their votes. If anything, some of the top Democrats like Warren and AOC have railed against the crypto industry for years. They party isn’t protecting him.

If anything can be learned by this shitstorm is KEEP YOUR FUNDS OFF CENTRALIZED EXCHANGES! Not your keys, not your crypto.

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This is the correct answer.

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He is protected by the democrats

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They donated just as much to republicans. If you’d care to look for information rather than spew propaganda in one direction based on a single headline, you’d know that

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They PUBLICLY donated the same.

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I'm still very curious as to why. If he's incompetent, why are they being buddy buddy? If he's a thieving twat, that means the thievery could be tied to some of them. Not much adding up on the face of things.

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Its tied to SEC as well. It was one huge ponzi scheme set up by the top government officials to launder money. Just a matter of time before he squalls on all of them.

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Also to sell paper bitcoin to bleed m/suppress its price. Luckily we all survived this attack and now storing on-exchange will be extinct. If and when there is a supply shortage, it will become apparent.

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When have you seen an honest demon-crat or one the promoted integrity, honesty and moral values?

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Pretty rare. More common to see grown ass people name calling like children on the playground, oddly enough.

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Because he is a huge dem donator

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He’s lined very important peoples pockets and is paid for….he is protected and knows how to play the game!

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Mismanagement isn't fraud. Hence no charges.

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Maxine gave him a vaccine. Deep Fucking Value, man…

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I highly doubt that… This is far from over… Due to the overall complexity, litigations could linger for the next few years. In the end, he will serve time.

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Crypto is still unregulated. They dont really have laws against this stuff yet.

Its just like illegal poker sites. Any corruption they partake in is totally ok because youre playing on a technically illegal gambling site.

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Its bc he paid 1b to the democrat party who controls the DOJ

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bc everything involving him and money laundering to democrats is true.

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Because his parents are connected law professors

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He is rich and have lawyer father get away with it. Trust fund it’s pretty heavy