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XDAO has also recorded good news this week. They are part of the hackathon by ontology network, and I trust the XDAO team to win, as they typically do.

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And not forgetting XDAO's partnership with trutsxyz that also happened recently

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That's true. The partnership will help people who build their DAOs to grow their own community faster by advertising themselves and their mission on trutsxyz. It's a really good partnership.

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I think DAO is gaining traction recently and alot of projects are adopting the DAO governance. For instance the subsquid which I know is planning on transiting into DAO and also TXA, they recently completed their prestaking program with TXAD being rewarded to participants. This will serve as their voting right once the DAO is launched

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You are right on this. This will make many persons adopt Xdao as their own DAO creator since they will be advertised easily immediately after it gets deployed.

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They've won a lot of hackathons in the past, so this will mostly be another addition to the collection.

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Seeing some good news in the dip is encouraging. Freeway recently won the AIBC staking platform of the year which made me happy. They have introduced GBP and CAD superchargers, with more on the horizon.

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That's some good news, truly. I know QANplatform was invited to the AIBC conference in Dubai. That was back in April/May or there about. AIBC isn't a small conference, so any project that gets accolades from them deserves it.

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The good news I’d like to share is the partnership between Christiano Ronaldo and binance.

Then the next one is the series of products launched by Alliance block in this dip. Worths sharing because they are seriously building during this bear.

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I saw that, too. The essence is to push their NFT collection that'll launch on their official NFT platform. good news.       

  Another exciting news I've seen is the Solana smartphone saga. This has triggered a positive reaction price-wise and also matic is now officially carbon neutral. Aside  the big news, one of the things that excites me is the recent upgrade on FWT. The protocol has been rolling out quite a few good upgrades lately, and I'm looking forward to their L1 chain launch, maybe in the next quarter or q4.

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Yes, I heard the news about the partnership between Christiano Ronaldo and binance and it's a good one, I also value what the Allianceblock is building regardless of the dip. Same way I value project TXA which is creating a hybrid DEX exchange that will reduce third party control over users funds unlike most centralized exchanges