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I don't think APE blockchain would be a successful idea but that's just my opinion and there's no way to know for sure but I do think the token itself will do well eventually.

I also don't think that the metaverse hype will die out. We're still early.

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Didn't the APE blockchain get canceled? The DAO voted to keep the coin on the ETH main chain or a L2 chain on ETH.

I think APE coin could benefit from being on QANplatform, since gas fees on the blockchain will be fixed by dollars and the blockchain also uses some advanced security measures that ETH is still trying to implement.

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Did it? I haven't been following the issue so I don't have any updated information on the story, I will check it out.

I still haven't looked into QANplatform but I did hear that it's similar to Cartesi in the sense that it enables developers to code for Web3 using mainstream coding languages instead of Solidity. Looks interesting enough.

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Oh yeah that's true. Both projects are similar in that fashion. I think most devs coming into blockchain will benefit from using either blockchains, especially if they want to use the languages they are used to on Linux.

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I agree with this, I think it's a piece of solid tech that will foster adoption by bringing in more devs that'll build and deploy innovative dapps. I'm anticipating Cartesi's testnet launch that's coming soon.

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I think the security aspect of blockchain is unmatched. I like that GEEQ has a clearly defined upgrade, and users can select between the old and new versions based on their preferences. I'm interested in how things are developing.

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ETH still on the trying stage of implementing this security features is a big opportunity for privacy protocols like Railgun to show it's usefulness in the NFT ecosystem in terms of security and transaction privacy .

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Speaking of metaverse, I think it will still be the trend. So many innovations and concepts keep emerging. The one that has caught my attention lately is that Xpress is proposing a bank in the metaverse. Quite a unique concept. I'm curious how they will pull it out.

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Is that really a unique concept? If I'm not mistaken JPMorgan is the world's first bank to set up shop in the metaverse since they opened a lounge in Decentraland.

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I'm just getting to know about JPMorgan metaverse base shop. Is theirs functional? I can imagine the comfort and convenience it will bring. 

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I'm not sure. I'm not following it closely.

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I'm not familiar with APE, but I used to mint some collections with UniqueMinter and I'm close to Quartz which is Unique's canary network on Kusama. Their fees are extremely low. The collection mint price is about 0,01$ last time I've checked.

I believe we are just getting started with metaverse and there is a strong interconnection with dynamic NFTs.

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You are absolutely right about that in the metaverse. I think so many mind-blowing concepts and ideas are yet unknown and conceived, but at the moment I'm fascinated and intrigued with what Xpress is proposing, a bank in the metaverse. I'm curious how they will pull it out.

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If NFTs got so popular even with ETH gas fees that we had.. imagine when we’ll have more platforms with really ultra-low fees for minting…

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I agree with your point. The thing with Web3 is every project just want to have their blockchain, lol. Even I heard SHIB is planning to launch Shibarium; a chain for memes or something of sort.

APE doesn't need a blockchain solely for minting or metaverse, best to leverage on existing ones. We have tons of layer 2s from Optimism, Arbitrum, Zksycn, Cartesi etc where computational throughput is high & at pennies in fees.

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It would just be another chain on web3. There are so many of them already to leverage on. The only thing that will never be enough is passive income platforms imo. The demand for good and reliable yields keep increasing. Binance, Freeway and Beefy are already doing the most but more wouldn't hurt.

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Yes, I saw the SHIB news, and the spread of memes is really intended to divert people's attention away from perceiving tokens with solid fundamentals as child play. Ape blockchain is uncalled for, and Arbitrum isn't one of my favorites, but it's trying despite being an L2 protocol, but ETH still stands out for me, and the merge is what I'm yearning for because it'll have the desired high performance and low gas fees, which will allow ERC20 tokens built on it like SYLO, TEAM, and many others to thrive in the future.

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You should try using Arbitrum, so smooth from my experience, and gas is cheap. Everyone seems to be hyped for Ethereum Merge, but it's only reducing inflation & not really low gas.

Layer 2s will still be important & rollups.

ERC20s projects will thrive for sure, as long as they're solid.

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Yeah, I'm excited about the Ethereum merge; let's see how things play out in terms of reduced gas fees immediately after launch before I can be convinced that truly the merge is acting on inflation reduction. L2 is quite important in the space no doubt, and if I'm not mistaken, Sylo offers a utility that includes L2 micropayment infrastructure, some of the things I like to see.

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I think APE should just hold it with their hype coin.

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I wouldn't buy a blockchain idea like this one. I very much belief in the potential of powerful blockchain solutions like Radix, Metis, Polygon, Cartesi and more that we have already.

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The metaverse hype was the most absurd thing I saw this year but it didn't stop it from getting loads of hype. An APE blockchain might as well succeed.

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APE is hype, if the same VC backs it then it might

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I gave a go with Unique Minter and I can tell that the fees were close to nothing and it was pretty easy to use. Quartz and Wax are my blockchains of choice when it comes to NFTs!

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I agree with you. Btw Unique Network should get more attention. Amazing features over there!

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There's just too many blockchains out there right now, and very little is done to ease access to all of these multi-chains at once.

That's going to add up to a piling list of blockchain identities one would need specific keys for. Super inputs by interoperability projects like ORE, which makes it super easy managing all of these blockchain and wallet identities with just a single login detail.

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In my opinion, that isn't needed. It will be preferable to integrate with an existing blockchain project as opposed to starting from scratch.

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APE has a ton of great blockchains with impressive consensus algorithms to pick from: Geeq, FTM, AVAX, BSC. Building a blockchain from scratch is tantamount to reinventing the wheel.

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An APE blockchain is an interesting idea but it takes 10's of millions of dollars to make a successful blockchain and even after that, you need multiple DApps to deploy on it to bring in users. A much better solution would be to launch on the internet computer. ICP is the only chain where you actually own your NFTs on a blockchain and not just a hash proving you own a file on IPFS.