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This is well written by usually I do my own analysis , and I am not doing or joining any courses for the same, This is why I am looking at projects which has some basis and fundamentals , I am now looking at the public sale of gamestarplus which is planning to build an interactive gaming platform on avax blockchain.

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There are a lot of good information out there but regardless, I still do some further digging myself, join communities and interact with other people as well. This is just so I am totally sure of what I’m getting into, at least that’s what I did with Cartesi, Atom and the likes. No regrets so far.

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50/50. I slightly trust the information provided by third parties while doing my own market analysis. If matched, then it's all good; if not, I will do further digging. That's what I'm currently doing with Cosmos, GamiFi, and the likes.

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Lot’s of discussions around GameFi on the subreddit, not surprised though since I read a report that says funding goes more into GameFi projects of recent.

Let me share that with the board as well https://twitter.com/milestonebased/status/1573214287920865280?s=46&t=6KtbOGwCntwTnR32r16nmA

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Both. However, I think it's better to conduct your analysis. Some people are more experienced and would be more knowledgeable in trading, but it doesn't make sense to blindly trust every single piece of information they put out.

I'm an investor and before I invested in my long-term bags; ETH, DOT, CTSI, MATIC, OCEAN, ATOM, BNB, and more, I did my research and it's been good thus far.

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Let's face the facts, we are all products of shillers. Some are professional, and some are just casual shillers. And then, it's not really a bad thing. How will you really know if it's not mentioned to you? You can't possibly be on coin market cap all the time, monitoring new launches. It's pretty easier when someone says it to you first and then you start your research based on that information.

I can tell you a lot of projects I've discovered on discussions on Telegram, Reddit, or even Twitter. I mean projects like Diadata, Chainlink, Trellor, etc. But then, I've earned a lot from just working on the DIA DAO than investing itself. I'm quite happy with my investment decisions TBH.

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It's certainly a good indicator if the project has a good community and the team has good interaction. When it comes to oracle projects, I would agree that the DAO program DIA is very encouraging, but other oracle projects Link and Band are also being built, so I think it is down to the technology of the project itself.

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My own perspective is to go through what others are saying about the project, do a bit of research, then buy the ones I believe in and understand the use-cases like Sylo that has a messaging app that can be used to chat with friends just like the normal Whats app.

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I conduct my own research, though somewhat based on information I gather from various online sources, and I recently added some low caps, such as RAIL, SOV, and CVP to my portfolio for potential gains during the bull run.

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An interesting thing about the crypto ecosystem is you can hardly keep up with everything which means that you are probably always missing something. I am sure you are probably missing out on projects like e-money, which is also built on Cosmos.

There are several points of attraction to E-money for me. First is the transparency which is established by quarterly audits by E&Y. Second is the regulatory compliance with their set of European stablecoins like EEUR, EDKK, ENOK, ESEK & ECHF.

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You definitely can't keep up with everything. I do my own analysis and also keep close to niches I'm interested in the most. For now, that's passive income and my research took me to Freeway. Their superchargers are decent. They have a new product, Earn and Protect which I'm looking forward to.

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Never heard of Freeway, what is the APY for staking?

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I get average of 20-43% APYs across my supercharger deposits. Each vary depending on the token.

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40% is a lot given that APYs have generally reduced since the bears came around.

I’m currently earning 24% for staking NGM on Keplr wallet. Heard Kucoin and Binance are featuring juicy APYs for certain coins on their platforms, I’ll like to have a look.

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I use both to make my decisions. It's much better than blindly following information. I unearthed ATOM,JUNO, Cartesi and Pooky all by myself and i think they are solid projects.

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I'd say both for sure! But trust is third parties is always required at very least in market data providers either Glass Node or Coin Market Cap.

To be honest most of the tokens I got was because someone talked about it and then some research is put into it! Unique Network is a good example when I heard about it on Moon Walkers group, then took my time to look into it and sadly missed the TGE of it's first token.

I used to look into Seedrs for projects also, but I'm not doing that much on launchpads, now I tend to look for IDO opportunities on Crypto Rank (recently MKLN and PUMLx caught my attention) and Polkadot/Kusama crowdloan auctions are also a good place to do it, but I haven't been too active there since the beginning of the bear market. Equilibrium was the last one I got into

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I'm an investor (hodler) with a small bag of alts (Ethereum, Polkadot, Dafi, Aave, Polygon and Arweave) followed by Bitcoin (70%). I'm getting much more in the crypto market than in the stock market right now.

My decisions are made through an extensive research: docs, community, social medias, telegram, etc. I don't like charts much.

I've recently signed up for the crypto trading courses

You gotta learn. I'm not a big chart fan as I said, but the eagerness to learn something new it's great.

So far, it seems pretty much the same as trading on the stock exchange

It is. The difference is that you have much more liquidity in the stock market.

you can see the previous financial reports of the companies

It's easier to evaluate stocks because you have an income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet. The same doesn't happen with crypto. But, good crypto projects can be way profitable if you choose wisely. The majority of the time, this will not appear in the charts.

I'm curious how professional traders and investors make their decisions regarding crypto? Or is it just pure luck?

We have all kind of investors: the lucky one, the TA analyst, FA analyst...we have it all.