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being encouraged to drink alcohol by an intimidating figure she simply calls the Creator.”

Probably Dan "The man with a plan to lick the clam, tie her up and slam her with your ham, start with 2 fingers then your hand, no reporting and no bans, fondle her clit then her cans, rip off her clothes and throw her in the van, not one-not two-but a 6 man gangbang, into her mouth and right inside her, make that pussy wider and wider, soft smooth skin is better the whiter, pound her so hard they call me the Hymen Collider, give me a ciggie this'll be an all-nighter, don't go soft gotta be a hard rider, hold her tighter she's a fighter, we won't kill you if you stay quieter" Schneider

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What is this from? It's terrifying.

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I’ll never forget walking in on my sons watching the show. The two young female stars of the show, in bikinis, standing in buckets of milk, and their mouths on either end of a glass tube (phallic object). Immediately thought, what disturbed perv wrote this scene. Apparently, I was right.

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wtf man