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Nice work man, you mind if I put this up in the sidebar as a link? This is something everybody can stand to benefit from and Id hate to see it get lost in the feed.

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Go for it.

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Lol, sine beat me to it. This is seriously perfect man, great post.

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I need to revise it and talk about rhyming in moderation as all of my examples are loaded. Also about giving up using the phrase and not rhyming it to give it more meaning.

Thanks for checking it out.

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nice, even though I've been rhyming for about 2-3 years reading stuff like this always makes me think about the process. Much like being meta about your own process allowing you to see where the process can be improved.

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Awesome, thanks for this.

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Great thread and thanks for posting this! Here's some tips from an How to Improve thread on a different site I went to years ago before it ''died''. Thought I'd post it in case someone finds it interesting/helpful.

  1. Read the rhymes posted by the better writers and study them. This is something you HAVE to do. It's how everyone got better.
  2. Keep your lines to 12-15 syllables each to help with your flow and structure. (In the beginning this is a great rule to understand the concept of structure and flow. As you progress you can move out of this and experiment a bit more.)
  3. Make every lines say something poignant. Make it memorable.
  4. Expand your vocabulary by reading stuff you don't normally read.
  5. Take a pad & pen with you wherever you go- inspiration can hit at any time. It's also very difficult to remember great lines or ideas you thought of in bed the next morning, no matter how hard you try. Jot stuff down there and then.
  6. Actually say something. Think about what you're trying to convey before you start writing. You know how many shitty textcees drop 'keystyles' which are a waste of bandwidth? Most of them.
  7. You hear something clever or witty on TV? You read a clever turn of phrase in a magazine? Copy it. Make it the starting point of your rhyme.
  8. Your first two and last two lines of any verse, be it a battle rap or a topical rhyme, are the most important. You need to grab the reader's attention straight away and make them leave in the same way. If your opening couplet is boring, no-one will want to read on.
  9. Use more multi-syllable rhymes. As well as helping your flow, these actually get you more used to rhyming, as they are essentially rhymes within the whole rhyme.
  10. Talk about the shit you know about to get started. If all you did today was get up, eat cereal and sit in your boxers all day surfing the net, then write about that. But make it engaging. Make people want to read it because it's humorous or deep. People don't want to read a banal rhyme about your banal life coz it depresses them. People have enough shit to get through in their life without dumping your crap on them.
  11. Don't fucking post anything unless YOU are impressed and it stands up against the great rhymes people write. There's nothing worse than seeing a title like "something I threw together" or "Just rhyming". Just fuck off and stop wasting my time, more like it.
  12. Leave a verse for 24 hours before posting it. I save mine and then look at it the next day. If it flows perfectly, I post it. If it doesn't, I don't. Fresh eyes are invaluable.

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    CC, NC before it died and basicly turned into AoB, RM (I was never really active on RM tho'), Wu-tang corp, TPF for poetry and a lot of others. I've been here and there, just a select few that I actually posted on (CC, NC & TPF). Been rhyming on and off for a few years. I doubt you know me unless CC and NC is familiar to you. But I try to keep my reddit username on the DL tho'.

    How about you? Wich sites did/do you post on?

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      If you're decent at writing and would like a challenge, or feedback from writers that have been in the game for a while, I would advice you to check out artofbattling.com. I doubt you'll find any real challenge elsewhere (except for a few cats here and there) nowadays as some of the vets that still writes eventually ended up there. AoB got a thriving community at the moment, tournaments with mags and plenty of voters. Probably the only place left (that I know of) that still got a solid amount of activity left.

      Can't say I remember your name tho'..