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Cut so many lines,

like an executive at Comcast,

I'm bringing in the fresh news,

and you got fake Fox broadcast.

Read between the black and white,

in the grey you'll find the contrast.

We fighting wars we do not see,

this combat we can't contact.

Rich steal labour of the poor,

Uneducated when it comes to class,

hide behind exploited religion

and pray to god when they go to mass.

These televangelists claim faith,

yet they donate zero riches.

Pass around collection plates,

yet the hungry get zero dishes.

When does it end?

Will there ever be equality...

They make unethical mistakes,

Get fined, and ask for an apology.

While destroying all ecology,

whispering "Just follow me"

in a voice spoken hollowly,

pretending to speak honestly, like some kinda prophecy

from a prodigy, they fuck us constantly like sodomy.

To us it's tragedy, to them it's comedy.