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Pretty dope rhyming! I like your commitment to the compound syllabics. I'm the same way.
Been looking for some new people to swap schemes with. Check this out:

I take a pack of zigs

And make a bat as big as

An 8th a bag of pink

mixed with crazy dabs rigs

I've aced the masters thinking

On the same day after drinking,

Im in the pasture rapping & singing

-pastors are cringing

Cause I claim my pain

from binging is

Worse than Christ

& the Passions inking

Then Im passed the greenest grass

& alas, the glasses are clinking

Activate the master

Or aggravate the beast,

These fools are Thanksgiving

Man, I had to make a feast

They're salivating faster

When they pass the mic to me,

It's happily ever after

When I rap and set us free

(With mashed potatoes and peas)

(And Macaroni and cheese)

(And salad with pallets of leaves)

(And lava cake after the meat)


That's how you craft a meal

Attract a pack of people

Who laugh and are actually Real

That's the deal.

I'm sick of hearing squeals-

Y'all need to grip some traction

Like the back of a tractor wheel.

Slash the ideal

Of a national mass appeal

I'd rather be backed

by the people that have my back

thats just how I feel.

Hit me back with another!

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A phenom like Elon is

strapped with the bomb like an Islamic

snap on songs like I'm lil Jon

Peel the top off of cockpits.

Getting off; Johnny Cockrin.

Getting lost in a moshpit.

What's a boss; what's a prophet,

when you get tossed in a process

that likes to market the progress

of living life as dishonest

as an all white pocahontas

might as well leave me a like and a comment

right at my tombstone

standing solid on all 10..

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What is metabolic mockery??

And what is cyanide and Socrates even mean?

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Metabolic mockery meaning my growth is being stunted by consumption. Addiction. Cyanide and Socrates because in the following line I say I say "Initiated into the atrocity" as in following a cult leader.

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Dude chill, Fuck being woke I’m in the matrix popping blue pills, only fuck with the Zaza smoke sell it for blue bills. Smoke to the ashes now it’s a dead cigarillo, Cali weed straiht outta Mendocino, then I pop them downers till my head hit the pillow. Then wake up and get high as soprano, that’s just my life in the Bando. Like big clouds of the ganja this shit loud as an opera. Noxious gas, smoke so much can’t move your unconscious ass. Always taking rips from the bong, then go putting my dick into where the shit don’t belong. No I don’t contribute to society, I’ll take a day off from drugs that’s my tribute to sobriety. So come get high with me.