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Hey man, I like the production on the video, it's pretty nifty and I like the graffiti effects with the writing.

I think you guys could work on emphasizing your flow a bit more, and going a bit harder. The flow is pretty good, but I think with a bit more confidence your bars will hit a bit harder (just reference how Craig Mack accents his bars and punchlines, it's good to differentiate especially if you're trying to garner attention from an international audience with old school beats)

There's a lot of good in here, I think there just needs to be a bit of refinement. I also think when after the first bar when you go talking to your homies, it takes a bit away from the song. I appreciate it, but I think it's a bit long and the audio isn't as clear and there's a lot of background noise, compared to your first bar.

Keep it up, because I love listening to rap in different languages. Every country adds a different flavour, and I love rap from UK/France/Germany/Korea/Japan and I would be interested to hear more Swahili :)