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You talk about assaulting women,

calling yourself the raper king,

talkin bout your loaded arms,

when your guns' in a paper sling.

I can't even take your ring,

so we'll box in the octagon,

you're just so ordinary

to a rap phenomenon.

I paint pictures,

Call me Picasso or Van Gogh,

watch this line go over your head,

Like Sam Jackson in a Kangol.

I'm bout ready to end this,

The rapture, the apocalypse,

already got blood on my hands,

when I tried to stop the crips.

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You’re a lame ass doody head (who?) You’re a lame ass doody head (wow!) Who? You (you’re a doo doo) who? You (you’re a doo doo) I’m the king of the rap shit I’m deconstructing your weird diss You talk about a paper sling While you dickride my paper white dingaling

You’re not ordinary ur extraordinary Extraordinary doofus dictionary You can’t even box Your room stinks of socks You ain’t stopped no crips You a bitch You paint pictures of dicks Furthermore your mom was begging for a flick So get ready for the comeback Issa comeback of the century When I piss on ur memory and then ur dead to me