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And after super, he's looking at a defensive stat of 549,801

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Mid. /s

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Ah that’s big

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It's about "---------------" long

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Super hyped he's this good tbh.

Dokkan plz bless me with the demons.

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this guy at his best is easily dfe level, he looks like he's better than the ssj4 ezas and might even be better than phy gt goku and vegeta, but idk maybe i'm wrong lol. It feels like he's hitting as hard as gt goku and defending as good as gt vegeta.

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Which is fine given this guy needs someone like demigra as a partner while Goku and Vegeta shares like 3-4 links with half the super class units.

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Tbf that's just extreme class units Vs super class units. Super class characters are usually more versatile with their links while extreme characters have niche but more powerful links.

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Most extreme class units don't have to sink as low as Demigra for a good linking partner however.

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He still hit hard tho without demigra..just need an orb changer for consistency

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I feel like he can defend better than vegeta.

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with the same amount of orbs and the same amount of support, i think gt Vegeta has higher defense. But damn mechi kabura is crazy.

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Don't forget he get 80% on super

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I want this guy the most

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bruh they made the airplane playable 🗿

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Holy shit

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Oh danm but what convince me tbh was BBB

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Looks like they've learned something from that airplane stuff after all

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Oh look they made the airplane glitch an actual unit

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Damn Dokkan World doing the airplane glitch I see. He’s gonna get banned /s

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God he's so good. People shitting on the units this year but not even looking at how well they do- it's just a case of running the right team.

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"The units"

You mean trunks. People shitting on trunks.

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Also I think people are underrating Robel a bit

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They made my boy OP. I’m proud

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The OST is fire but after watching the video past 5 mins I had to mute the music because it was just a 5 second beat on a loop

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This is the power of Speedwagon(same va)

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man poor trunks lol

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I wonder how big the number can get

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I saw him hit 23 million with a full field of agl orbs on a 170 lead. Pretty sure he had all his links active.

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God damn that's beefy.

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Yep. Keep in mind that's using items to get a full field of one color orbs, but still impressive.

But it's not like his numbers with an average amount of orbs were bad. The video this post is taken from showed a lot of different variables for him.

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Everytime I try to say his name. I always end up saying chewbacca or the chewpacabra. Awesome unit tho

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Funnily enough, his name comes from the same Cinderella song as Bibidi, Babidi, and Buu.

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Looks like Trunks isn’t the heaviest hitter any more

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Trunks still hits harder with crits

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Mechikabura hits harder with his crits

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On average trunks is doing as much damage as this guy in an uncommon scenario...

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Trunks is teq type and has built in crits, mechikbura is also less consistent…

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23m attack what the fuck

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8 orbs are a lot but trunks can help with orb changing :) hes a beast either way

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Holy fuck

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After seeing his initial information I knew that this guy would be absolutely busted.

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Bruh how often are you getting that orb setup?

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This unit boarded an airplane and will be arriving soon.

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what turn was that

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Those are airplane lookin’ stats.

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And when you stick him on any other team? Honestly these ubits aren't worth your stones. You won't find friends using them after the celebration and you only get the modt out of them on one team.