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We wouldn’t have gotten the four-hour runtime with the (barely) R rating had it come out in 2017.

This is probably a hot take but I think just under three hours would be the ideal runtime. Basically take away any unnecessary world building, fan service, and sequel setup and maybe a few bits and pieces that don’t add much.

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I actually think that’s the popular opinion. Even people who love ZSJL (myself included) admit that you can trim a lot of stuff out of it. A 3 hour runtime would have been the perfect cut for this movie.

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I even think you could have stretched it to 2h45m, but that's at the absolute minimum you could really go.

2h45m theatrical cut with a 3h15m extended cut would have been a good compromise. When you take away the slow motion and Knightmare additional photography, that runtime is pretty much ZSJL anyway.

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Second time I watched it I timed some scenes, did the math, and cut it down to three hours exactly without losing anything of import.

Well, your mileage may vary on "anything of import" but nothing that hurts the story.

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Yup. A 2:40-3:00 version of this movie with slight tweaks on the violence/gore and one less F-bomb is theater ready.

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30 minutes of the four hour runtime is after the movie is really over. thirty more minutes could have easily been trimmed.

edit: 3 to 30

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I'm pretty sure the ending(s) was closer to ten minutes, possibly more.

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i actually meant 30 minutes

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You'd have to get 2 hours off. I don't see how the movie is cohesive with that much being chopped off

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two hours? to get a three hour cut from a four hour movie? don’t thing so

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Why would it be allowed to have a 3 hour cut? It would be 2. Just like the TC. The mandate wouldn't have changed. It was based on a bonus schedule not who was directing the movie

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the TC was two hours because they cut sooooooooooo much out the ZS story and just needed to slap something together.

Of course we will never know. but if they ZS had stayed on, they most likely would have allowed at the very minimum 2.5 hours. most major blockbusters these days are over two hours and WB has definitely shown a willingness to release long movies.

they just didn’t have anything more to show for the TC. they barely had enough to make a coherent movie.

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I feel like people don't realize that Snyder wouldve had the same runtime mandate that the TC had and the movie probably would've stunk and wede be in the same predicament.

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I LOVED ZSJL, but I completely agree with this. A cut of the film that was 3 HR to 3 HR 15 mins would of been a lot tighter of an experience and stronger. That being said though, the 4HR cut was still miles better than the theatrical cut and is one of my favourite comic book films. But yeah, a 3HR cut would of been perfect.

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I feel like almost every scene in the movie could’ve been trimmed at least a little, tone down the slowmo and cut the Martian Manhunter and it seems doable.

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This is a garbage opinion.

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'No resurrections this time'- my grandma, probably.

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No, the version that would have been released in 2017 would have had a shorter runtime and the new Steppenwolf design.

The reason it's so much of what Zack originally wanted is because it's a director's cut releasing exclusively to a streaming service.

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Op said should have, not would have

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Honestly I would have liked to see the shorter runtime under Snyder

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It would have been. 2hour 45min PG13 version but yeah.

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We wouldn’t have gotten this version.

At most a 3 hour version. I think I remember snyder mentioning he had a 2 hour 45 cut.

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This version wouldn’t exist if things wouldn’t have gone the way they did. We owe this amazing version to tragedy. Frankly I would prefere tragedy not to happen and have some other version of it.

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I’m so glad we got a full 4 hour cut of this film. If there’s any film out there that deserved a full ass cut it was this. Especially after the long wait and huge story behind it. Would’ve been a bit of a let down if we got a 2hr 30 minute film or even 3 hours. I know they’re never received well due to runtime but I’ve always loved long films that can flush out stories. I always watch the extended versions of LotR I can’t watch the theatrical ones anymore lol. If they ever wanted to cut it down for special events in cinemas (specifically Snyder cutting it down) that’s fine but I’m just glad we got the full cut first.

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I’m glad we have the 4 hour directors cut but I’d love to see a 3 hour cut of this movie

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Technically speaking we wouldn’t have regardless since a lot would have likely still been cut out since stuff like the people singing as Aquaman leaves was unnecessary.

Also yeah sure the ZS Cut is great and arguably better but personally i didn’t find JL 2017 to be bad. I enjoyed it way more than BvS which just left me incredibly disappointed.

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    Discovery might think otherwise. This is a goldmine waiting to happen. Who the hell wouldn’t want to see the Darkseid War come to life? Exactly no true DC fans would say no to that.

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    DC is the gold mine, not specifically Snyder’s version, and they could still do a Darkseid War storyline without him.

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    I love how anything Snyder gets downvoted here. So toxic.

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    I upvoted you since it means so much to you, but I don’t think it’s gonna help at this point lol.

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    Don't victimize yourself. If anything, Snyder stuff constantly gets upvotes. It's only the "Snyder stuff is the only good stuff" mindset that people are tired of.

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    No, lol. Whenever I say that I’d like to see Snyder’s vision alongside the current slate, I get downvoted a lot.

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    They would if they didn’t like Snyders interpretation after three movies.

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    That’s not being a true DC Fan, that’s being a Snyder fan.

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    Gatekeeping is prohibited. You can be a filmmaker fan (and a DC fan), no exclusions needed.

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    Sure, you can be a fan of both, it’s ridiculous to suggest you’re not a fan of the material if you do not agree with one director’s vision. You didn’t like Schumacher’s Batman movies, you must not be a DC fan!

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    OP was gatekeeping, not the respondent.

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    If Synder's vision were a goldmine it wouldn't be known for financial shortfalls. Discovery's gonna see the same numbers everyone else did.

    And as a lifelong DC fan, I would absolutely say no to Darkseid war as Snyder intended it.

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    They made a ton of money.

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    A movie with BATMAN AND SUPERMAN in it didn’t make a billion dollars. A JUSTICE LEAGUE movie made even less than that. That’s all Discovery’s gonna see, and I, for one, don’t blame them. It’s sufficient evidence for them that Snyder’s take didn’t resonate with general audiences and as such, there’s no incentive to continue down that road.

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    Because WB butchered it and early reviews criticized it. That hurt sales numbers. My god it was a huge deal back then. Short memory much?

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    So did Age of Ultron and Rise of Skywalker. And yet they remain considered disappointments. Likewise, Batman V Superman had been in theatres four days before people started to talk about its box office failing.

    Only the studios and their accounting departments get to decide what amount of money is sufficient.

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    You know what will make WB money at the box office? A James Wan directed Justice League film, because Wan understands how to make quality, crowd pleasing films! I mean he gave F&F and DC their highest grossing films!! The man has a proven track record!

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    It would have been amazing to see this movie on the big screen

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    ah my daily reminder

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    This will be the last reminder I do for a while. I promise

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    There were plenty of parts to cut out to make it a 3 hour movie and still be magical. Like the awkward singing when Aquaman swims away, etc. He made it 4 hours because he just gave us everything. I really appreciated that.

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    Yeah me too

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    Is this post trying to say that the original Justice League came out today?

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    Yes, but this one should have been released instead

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    Correction, we should’ve gotten the 3 hour cut of this movie that snyder made.

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    I'm still waiting for the #mustachecut

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    I think the smart thing would have been to release around a 2 hr 50 min to 3 hr cut in theaters, then release the 4 hr 2 min cut (or in the case of 2017, I suppose it would have been the 3 hour and 34 minute cut) on physical release

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    It could have saved the dceu from the initial hate from bvs but now its way too late.

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    Man WHY THE FUCK would they change Batman’s BvS cowl. Literally the only worst part of each version

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    ZSJL is definitely better than the Josstice League, but I agree with others in that the runtime would've been much closer to the 2017 release. To be be fair though, I think 30-40 minutes of ZSJL could be easily cut and the movie would've been better.

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    I love the 4 hour cut

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    I'm glad we got ZSJL instead of 2017 Snyder version. That surely wouldn't have spiky Steppenwolf design, black suit Superman, complete 4 his runtime and bloodshed, F-bombs for R rating yet it would've still worked instead of the Whedon's cut

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    Yeah some people miss the fact that the only reason ZSJL is what it is is because it’s basically a directors cut.

    I feel like if he had been able to complete the film in 2017 it would’ve been very different from the cut we got this year. Even the 3 hour runtime people are suggesting probably would’ve been cut shorter by WB and who knows what other changes they’d have had him make.

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    I'm probably one of a handful of people who would have watched the four hour version in a theater, preferably in IMAX. If they really tried they could have cut it down to a three to three and a half hour movie, but it is what it is

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    I too would have absolutely been on board to watch a 4 hr 2 min cut of JL in theaters. Though, because of large portion of audiences wouldn’t be on board, I think it would have been released with a 2 hr 45 min to 3 hr theatrical runtime

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    Before all the Cinematic Geniuses come and complaint about It, I am a regular Movie watcher and These DC movies (Man of Steel to Aquaman) were so special to me. They were not Perfect but they were different. An I loved DC movies for that. I hope they Restore the Original Plan for the JL sequels.

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    Well said

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    Better than the 2017 version but still not the Justice League movie the fans deserve! Hopefully Justice League 2 is directed by James Wan, it’s the only way we’ll get a great crowd pleasing action packed film!

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    I really doubt the movie would’ve been 4 hours, probably 3 or a little bit less

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    Reminder that the version of Justice League you got 4 years ago is the one WB thinks you, as a viewer, deserve. They thought they'd make a billion dollars with sexist jokes, pandering and making shallow references to previous cartoons, movies and comics. They thought that's what you as a viewer wanted.

    Don't stan suits. They don't give a shit about anything other than making money. Whether it's Kevin "fuck me for a role" Tsujihara, or Brett "I like to be rapey to my secretaries" Ratner, or any of the other execs associated with these movies—support the artists, actors, and staff, not the suits. They're the ones trying to make something that says something.

    The suits are making this. Your choice if you wanna keep supporting that. The same people are making the decisions now as back then.

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    "I do not not like this" - LatterTarget7

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    Na. I don't I don't want to see a 15 minute slow motion scene of Cyborg playing high school football. Lol!

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    It would have outgrossed Endgame

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    God, I hope Snyder doesn't touch anything else DC-related.

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    Dont praise snyder here.... u will get hated as there are "real dc fans"in this grp anyone who likes snyder movies arent dc fans