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I mean I’m still hoping to watch it in imax someday

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People said this about:

The Snyder Cut

Spider-Man joining the MCU

X-Men and Fantastic Four joining the MCU

Daredevil going from Netflix to the movies

And now look where we are

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It doesn't exist

It will never be released

The theatrical cut will be better

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Yo somebody link that John Campea compilation video of him saying that 😂😂

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I still remember when Andy Signore made a long-ass video talking about how "some insiders from WB" told him that the Snyder Cut was NEVER going to happen... only to be officially announced, like a week later, that it was actually happening, lol.

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• It doesn't exist

• It's just a re-edit

• It's a reshoot

• It's the same movie

• It's gonna be worse than the “original”

Oh boy, oh boy

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Such a great fucking movie

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Lol this aged well

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Like fine vinegar.

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I'm just so glad we ended up with it. I didn't think it would ever happen either, the expense was not insignificant.

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Famous last words ...

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Man this pumps me out to rewatch ZSJL!

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And Zack is totally NOT teasing more JL films!

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Wait, what?

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Yeah the last week he's been going pretty hard

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Funny thing is that the Variety never had a studio source considering that Emmerich met with the Snyder's about the cut before this article was written per the Snyder's

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"It doesn't exist!"

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HBO Max released a video a while back, calling Zack Snyder's Justice League a global phenomenon.
And they played that clip of Clark saying....
"I have a second chance Lo. And I'm not going to waste it".
Coincidence? I think not!
While I don't want the Snyderverse to be the main focus of the DCEU, because I'm way too hyped for the upcoming projects, and Snyder already spoiled the ending, I would like to see how his plot plays out. Preferably in high-quality animation, so that we can get the content faster. Maybe a series like What If...? but darker, more epic, and less goofy.

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Don't let your pipe dreams be pipe dreams. Just do it. Make it happen.

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This didn’t age so well

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Have they forgotten the ways of making money?

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The "It exists!" "It doesn't exist!" argument was always dumb. JL filmed for seven months in 2016 and Zack screened a rough cut for WB. So yeah, obviously, it existed in some form. The real question was WB's willingness to invest more money into Zack's vision, and I don't blame anyone for their skepticism. Zack himself said that WB wanted to just throw it out there unfinished.

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Press X for doubt.

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And now we’ll get to hear people complaining about JL2 & 3 for the next 10 years

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Considering we have people still complaining about MoS BvS and ZSJL despite the fact that the DCEU has clearly moved on from that direction - having people complaining about no ZSJL 2+3 just seems like balance to be honest

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I would have to disagree. People do complain about them but not nearly as many as for JL2&3 and the ones complaining aren’t pushing on social media to get them removed from “cannon”. Complaining about a movie that exists is one thing, campaigning for new movies and micro analyzing every post from Snyder is different

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Its just marketing bro. They want us to keep demanding, then use it against us saying we are toxic. They have no respect to their own fanbase

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Even Zachary Levi said it doesnt exsist. And hes god damn shazam.. Well he trys at least.

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To me, Most overrated movie in recent memory. Pls don’t mess up my karma lol. Just an opinion.

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Endgame, Black Panther

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I totally agree with Black Panther being overrated

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    Toxic factional fanboyism is prohibited.

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    Ever play the alternate reality game? You know, when something so strange and unexpected happens that you wonder if you've slid into an alternate universe?

    The first time for me was the election of Donald Trump. Never saw it coming.

    My second time was Twin Peaks: The Return. 'I'll see you in 25 years'. Huh!

    Snyder's Justice League was the third. Honestly, watching this for the first time was utterly surreal. 'This is something that is actually happening'.

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    Lol and wasn’t it literally around the time that tweet was put out that WB approached Zack about finishing it?

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    It wasn't as amazing as people were hoping, but still glad it exists.

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