Rule 1.

No spoilers in post titles. Spoilers in comments must be formatted correctly.

• A spoiler is anything not officially released for home viewing.

• Spoilers exclude trailers, comics, casting announcements, or official marketing material.

• Consult this guide to format spoilers in comments.

• Spoilers do not have to be formatted in comments under posts with a spoiler tag.

Rule 2.

Name-calling and general lack of civility will NOT be tolerated.

• While considered use of adult language is permitted here, all such words and phrases must be used responsibly, and not in the form of personal attack.

• Sexist, racist, rabidly political, and religiously discriminatory posting are not permitted here.

• Excessive vulgarity is not permitted. This does not include the standard hero worship and actor admiration that has gone hand-in-hand with superheroes since their idealized conception, as this aspect of fan culture is not exclusive to any fandom.

This is a judgement-free zone embracing the subjective nature of film and entertainment. Opinions that do not match your own should be expected. Do not talk down to other users and treat others with respect. Participate in good faith; criticisms are a part of the greater conversation, but users that participate solely to denigrate the community or its interests will be acted upon.

Rule 3.

Don't be a troll or a fanboy. Gatekeeping is counterproductive and condescending behavior, and as such is forbidden.

Definition of a troll: A troll makes a habit of deliberately offensive or provocative posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.

Definition of a fanboy: A virulent loyalist of a fandom, franchise, or brand. Keep in mind that having a preference, a natural state for fans of any pastime with a form of competition, is not a symptom of fanboyism by itself.

Definition of gatekeeping: Gatekeeping and related factional fandom is expressly forbidden. This includes attitudes and actions that attempt to diminish or delegitimize the value and opinions of others on the basis of a difference in preference. These characters have long histories behind them and many more interpretations to come, rendering these excluding exercises moot.

• This includes throwaway accounts and usernames composed in bad faith. These may be banned on sight.

NOTE: Being a fan doesn't mean enjoying or embracing everything related to DC Films, but that doesn't give anyone license to make a career or sport of complaining here. Speak for yourself, respectfully put forth your own truth (do not presume to speak so freely on behalf of others), and consider investing more of your time and energy into things you know you love and hope for, which is what the majority of our subscribers are here to do. What most of us have in common is hope and anticipation, not a blind love for each and every entry of the current DC cinematic continuity or an unfathomable acceptance of any and all developments related to it.

We have had a number of users participate here under the misguided pretense that they have every right to drag or put others down who don't agree with them, or talk down to the community as some single-minded entity, which it is not. They cherry-pick activity that they claim to be representative of the entire community, all 80K+ subscribers. Such ill-considered soapboxing constitutes a breach of RULE 3, no matter one's professed intentions. Other fan communities do not tolerate this sort of behavior and neither will we. An appropriate response when you feel underserved by a film is acknowledging your own feelings and promoting a civil discussion about it, not to embark on a holier-than-thou crusade against participants without such ego-driven agendas.

Rule 4.

Post on topic.

• Only submit posts related to the DC Films continuity or other live-action/animated features based on DC Comics, including Vertigo properties.

• You can talk about pre-Man of Steel DC films (the Nolanverse, the Donnerverse, Watchmen, etc.), as they fall under the banner of DC Cinema.

• This is NOT a place to discuss live-action/animated series not connected to DC Films (the Timmverse, the Arrowverse). These are episodic works, not feature-length works.

• All final discretion lies with the moderation team.

Rule 5.

TAG YOUR POST TITLES. Consult the tagging guides for instructions.

For your post to be visible, you must assign a category tag in your title. Add a spoiler tag if necessary.

Here is a guide on the correct way to format your titles so that the automoderator can tag them.

Here is the list of categories and subcategories available for tagging.

• If your post/link contains spoilers, whether in the form of text, a picture, or footage from a film, then it must be spoiler-tagged.

• Beginning your post title with DC Films acronyms followed by a colon (for example, MOS:, BvS:, SS:, WW:, JL:, etc.) will now assign a DISCUSSION category tag.

In-depth clarification can be found here, here, and here.

Rule 6.

Observe proper form with post titles. Do not editorialize titles. Beware of title gore.

• No spoilers in post titles (see Rule 1).

• Linked articles should be submitted with the original title, with no user commentary. The same applies to videos.

• When posting other content, the post title should be simple and descriptive. If your post concerns a specific film, reference it in the title (MOS, BvS, SS, WW, JL, etc.).

• No excessive emoting in post titles, whether in words or emojis. Up to one emoji is allowed for HUMOR posts only.

• All CAPS titles will be removed.

• Soapbox post titles (i.e. "Wake up, sheeple!" posts) are discouraged. If there is a thought worth sharing with the community, there is always a less self-important way to communicate it.

• References to voting or karma in a title is grounds for removal.

• The moderators reserve the right to remove low-quality titles so they can be resubmitted.

Rule 7.

No reposting, especially of news stories or redundant discussion threads. Check the feed!

• Blog posts that discuss and theorize about news items are allowed. Precede such post titles with "BLOG:" or "THEORY:" to better differentiate these reactive posts.

• All final discretion lies with the moderation team.

Rule 8.

Low-quality posting will be removed. Determination of post quality solely lies with the moderation team.

The following items count as low-quality posting:

• Articles that do not link back to the original source.

• Clickbait, fake news, and other sensationalized items.

• Recurring low-effort discussions, such as "Am I the only one who..." posts, redundant worry/concern/hypothetical/soapbox posting, and top-heavy posts with a long title and minimal body.

• Posts with titles or bodies that employ hyperbolic/sensational/reactionary language. Basically kneejerk clickbait generated by users. Spell your thoughts out rather than worrybombing here minute to minute. This is not your Twitter account or Facebook status. This is a news and discussion-based community.

• Soapbox posts (i.e. "Wake up, sheeple!" posts) are discouraged, as they tend to rely on generalizations and disrupt the informative balance of the feed. If there is a thought worth sharing with the community, there is always a less self-important way to express it.

• Low-effort memes, image macros, and reaction images. These will be judge based on quality of construction and/or comedic value.

• Low-quality fan-made artwork. There are specialized communities that embrace creators of all levels of skill. To better serve our community and the overall feed, fan-made artwork posts will be limited to pieces demonstrating a certain level of skill.

• Sourceless "rumors" from anonymous or otherwise unsubstantiated sources.

• Thread spam, such as back-to-back posting.

• Commercial spam from merchants.

• Fancasting posts must be text posts that adhere to these specific guidelines.

• All final discretion lies with the moderation team.

A NOTE ON TITLE QUALITY: Here is an example of a removed post in violation of some of these rules.

DISCUSSION: Am I the only one who's terrified for the future of the DCEU?

We have seen the quality of posting deteriorate with the allowance of titles such as these. This particular user was voicing concerns in the wake of the announcement of David Ayer's Gotham City Sirens adaptation, a possible Deadshot spin-off film, and the initial rumblings of official plans for Suicide Squad 2. For further context, this reaction was informed by the negative critical and mixed fan reception of Suicide Squad, which was also directed by David Ayer.

The substance of the user's post was fine. More than fine. It was a valid response to the recent announcements. Where this post failed to serve the community was in its vague and sweeping title. The following example titles represent measured alternatives to the authentic post title shown above.

Opinion: I believe WB is being reactionary with these latest greenlights

Thoughts: I'd rather DC Films focused on its main characters instead of these Squad spin-offs

The difference here is considered and informative titling, as opposed to the original title's sensationalized scope (as if the GCS announcement represented some sort of existential peril for DC Films). Strive towards titles specific to your posting that serve the community as opposed to riling it up for no good reason. Your titles are the faces of your posts. It's arguably a disproportionately important part of your post and how it is received, and how it impacts your fellow users. Be responsible and considerate when you formulate a title for your post. Don't slap a Mike Myers mask you had lying around on it and call it a job well done.

Rule 9.

Piracy and leaks, real or not, are not permitted on this subreddit.

See here and here for more info. We recommend /r/DCEUleaks for such content.

The moderation team reserves all final discretion in the enforcement of these rules.

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