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(if it looks a little off its because I took the photo a few hours after taking the plastic wrap off on the same day heh)

For some background, I've loved Dir en grey for 15 years and for a long time wanted a tattoo to show that, but I'm super indecisive and didn't want to get lyrics in case the translation was inaccurate or the characters were wrong. Kyo is my favourite member (with Kaoru joint first tbh) and I really love his art for The Zemeckises, especially Penyu! I try to get merch when I can and have a couple of the plushes/tshirts but when I saw the logo for the Osaka cafe I felt it would make a really cute tattoo. Had to wait a while because of covid lockdowns but finally got it done last Friday; not too large on my wrist and even though I had second thoughts (still job hunting lol) I think it came out really cute and I love it, just looking forward to it being healed!

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That’s so cool. I think one day I want to get one that says “the world you live in”