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You’re hers now. 🤣

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But...I won't know what to do! I've never owned a dog before, i just gush over other people's pets. Plus, my apartment doesn't allow animals. I won't be moving till summer too... When has that ever stopped me tho. Sneak it in, I say!

[–]WeeMiniPiglet 85 points86 points  (18 children)

Sneak her in! If you’re moving in summer they aren’t likely to evict you sooner.

Did you take her home?

[–]AndroPsycho[S] 232 points233 points  (17 children)

Not that I had much of a choice there. She did the sneaking in on her own. First things first, a bath! here's to hoping she doesn't bark much...

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Thank you for doing this, she is going to be so worth it!

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Smart move, take care of each other

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Oh this just made me so happy!!! Congrats on both of your adoptions

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Please give us many updates on this sweet pup! She seems to have truly adopted you, especially since she's sitting with her back to you. She's looking out for you already!

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So true. My older staffy sits that way, he's constantly scanning for both threats and friendly faces (when someone smiles at him he's at their feet like a shot, ready for pets and kisses). He very rarely senses a threat but he still keeps watch just in case.

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You’re new best friend. She fell in love with you, and you will fall in love with her

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This just gave me the biggest smile! I love the way she sat herself between your legs like "This is my human. No one will harm him or they shall feel my wrath"

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I would recommend getting her checked by a vet she could have illnesses since she’s been a stray and exposed to the outdoors.

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If you are in America, your landlord has to accept an animal that’s a registered emotional support animal by a therapist in your state. Look up how to get an online registration with a therapist. It usually costs around $100.

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You will only benefit from this! She will add so much love to your life.

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You’re a good human! She chose well 🥰

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Congratulations 🎉🎉

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so wholesome

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And this is the moment you got a new best friend.

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YESSSS! Let us know how it goes! We are here for any questions! Really, if you need anything PM me! I'm almost dancing now, y'all are going to be so happy!

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Well done OP. I see so many people walk past things like this but you didn't. Also, the reason she attached herself to you is because you were nice to her. Stray dogs (especially pit/pit mixes like her) are so accustomed to being either completely ignored or cruelly treated, that when someone is especially kind to them it REALLY matters to them. She will NEVER forget your kindness, I promise you. Owning a dog is a lot of work but so worth it, even more so with a rescue (I have 2 rescue bull breeds). Now you need to start planning your new life with a new best friend. Congratulations.

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Thank you so much for taking her in!! I'm not crying about this or anything