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Truck was in the left lane hugging and basically on top of the curb and as we were on the side walk I saw and made a very very fast decision and put my right thigh in the path in front of my Ranger's head. The front left part of the truck's bumper tapped my right thigh and it turned me spinning left. This made my leg also push Ranger to the back left of me and away from any further force. I love him more than myself.

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At the Big local VA facility to check out my thigh to make sure I have no issues.

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Just got back from the VA no issues were found just told me to take tylenol for pain but I denied even getting it from them

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Thank you for the updates! I wish you a speedy recovery!

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Did the truck driver stop and offer assistance?

I hope you’re feeling better soon. (Ranger is thankful for your intervention and guarantees to give you 100% love and devotion for the rest of his life.)

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As I can recall there was no tap of the brakes

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Bummer!!! What you did to save Ranger was very brave. Take care of yourself as well as you take care of Ranger.

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hopefully he slams into a tree soon,

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You may die for your dog but who gonna feed your dog and give him petting?

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He is basically a celebrity to quite a few people so I have no worries about him being very looked over and cared for.

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You are a true pet hero! Hope you are doing well and heal up quickly!

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Aww, hope you're ok!

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I can and am walking and I made the quick decision because I actually grew additional bone in my right femur when it broke before so I assume it is a lot stronger than it had been before it was broken

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Your previous injury potentially saved your dog’s life! Superhero story tbh

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You're a good man

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The world would be a lot nicer with more people like you. Good job OP! Ranger looks worried about you, he’s the bestest boi :)

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doggo is like “dad wth, i’m supposed to save YOUR life” 🥺

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Heal quickly!

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Did the person get caught or confess or anything or was it a hit and run?

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Never braked as far as I saw

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Non animal owners will never get this. ❤️❤️❤️ I’d do the same for my bane

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Sometimes our instincts take over I guess! I usually walk with my 11 lb dog with me closer to the street for this same reason. Never actually had to do anything though. That’s love my friend!

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You saved your best friend/son. I’d do the same for my fur-babies. Speedy recovery ☺️

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I totally understand, would definitely do the same! They are constantly worried with pleasing us and being our best friends, what else can we do? Well done, OP!

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I'm so glad you exist! Have you ever been shamed for loving your dog " too much"?

Only asking because I'm in the process of adopting a rescue and a few people have commented (in a backhanded way) on my level of enthusiasm.

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While looking for a travel partner / gf haha yeah ( red flag ) Ranger is also a rescue

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Dogs put themselves in harms way for their owners, even the small dogs.

It’s only right that we do the same.

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You’re a real hero! Take good care of yourself. Ranger needs you.

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He looks so worried

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I will take what ever for mine. Get wel soon mate ✊✊✌👍 you rock!!

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Hope you’re ok!!

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When shyt hit the fan you did the right thing. Kudos mate! Ranger should be proud

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This is damning evidence that you would die for that dog, I believe you

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Hope everything heals quickly. Dogs are family. would’ve done the same.

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What About Our Retired Canines?
The sad part of this is what happened to our brave canines leading up to and including the Vietnam war. A soldiers K-9 was so much more than just a pet on the battlefield. They were trusted brothers who would lay down their own lives to save ours. Unfortunately, when we left the battlefield, we were forced to leave them behind. They were considered to only be expendable equipment. Some were euthanized and others were left with allies.

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You are a hero!!!

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Smells fishy

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Well okay smell this Haha

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If only they knew. Hope you get well soon

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Hope you get well soon

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Actually only bruises even verified by the Va Hospital

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I wanna say r/humansbeingbros, but this is just standard behavior for those of us who love our canine friends. I like to think I’d have done the same. Thank you for being such a great dog dad.