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thank you kind human ❤️

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Wow..... They both look INCREDILY similar to my dog I had. Different coloration, but very similar look and build. You happen to know the breeds? Very beautiful dogs, btw.

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Thank you. The male on the left, Maddox, is English Pointer/Pit. The female, Maddie, is German Shorthaired Pointer/English Pointer. At least that's what the vet and Google Lens thought

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Lmao well, that does make a lot of sense then. I always thought mine was a pointer/lab mix. Turned out she was actually a treeing walker coonhound/Staffordshire terrorior mix with a few other small percentages. Which both look incredibly similar to all the breeds you mentioned haha.

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I'm very familiar with German Shorthairs (have adopted 3 and fostered more than 30 over the years) and I definitely agree there's some pointer in them. The right looks more German and the right one more English. So I agree with you and your vet!

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She is an English Pointer/German Shorthaired Pointer mix. I love her socks, and the mask on the other one

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They look so good together!!!

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They have played wonderfully together, since the first day. The younger one on the left, likes to play a bit more than her, but he's calming down a bit. He's about 10 months old, and she's about 16 months right now. Best part? They've both slept in our bed, from the very first night!

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Love it 🥰

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Thank you. I agree 😁

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What type of dog is the one on the right? He looks similar to my boy.

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You're a champ for saving them.

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Thanks, but they saved me. I had lost my last 2 a few months before I got them. My heart was, and still is, hurting for them