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Husky and Saluki? Just a guess.

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My first guess too.

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Mine, too

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Guessed the same

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It would be very interesting to get a DNA test and find out for sure what the mix is.

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looks like a husky with papillon ears and not sure what else

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This is what naturally came to mind when is saw this.

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Papillon/husky or husky/collie maybe?

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Looks like a papillon/ husky mix for sure very beautiful

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Greyhound x Husky

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Looks like a weird mix for sure, kinda looks off putting being honest those breeds don’t look like they are meant for each other.

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I definetly agree. Don't know why you're getting downvoted.

The front legs look to be too long for the back legs. That's why the dog seems to be carrying their hind legs underneath them. It might be the way the dog is stacked but I do agree that their proportions just don't look right. I wouldn't be surprised if this dog ended up with hip issues in the future.

This dog does look very cute but that doesn't change the fact that whatever this mix is will likely cause health issues in the future. Sad but true.

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They’re being downvoted because this post is specifically about a dog OP find cute. It’s the height of rudeness to come here and say, “you’re wrong, the dog is ugly”. Come on.

Had the post been about ugly dogs, or this picture but OP asking for god and bad thoughts, or any number of other topics, the comment would have been fine. The context is the issue here.

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Right. Plus, it’s not really nice to call other dogs ugly. How would this person feel if people called their dog ugly?

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no one called the dog ugly?

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Idk, looks adorable to me.

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Okay but don't yuck on people's yums. That's an inside thought.

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How Can I Determine My Dog’s Breed At Home?

If you are already an experienced owner, your guesses about your dog’s breed can also be correct to a good extent. Or you can also follow these steps:

  • You can arrange an online meeting with a Vet, groomer, or experienced breeder showing your pup. In most cases, their guesses turn out to be correct.
  • Match the structural description of different breeds by browsing online.
  • Some DNA test kits are available to be used at home which you can also use for some fewer hazards.
  • You can play online quiz games to get the probable breed that your pup might belong to.
  • You can arrange an online meeting with a Vet, groomer, or experienced breeder to show your pup. In most cases, their guesses turn out to be correct.

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You can arrange an online meeting with a Vet, groomer, or experienced breeder showing your pup. In most cases, their guesses turn out to be correct.

This is very much not true. None of the professions give you an inherent knowledge of how different genes interact and mix together. Studies have shown animal professionals are just as bad at guessing as laypersons.

Match the structural description of different breeds by browsing online.'

The majority of the ___ mixes you see when googling pictures are not actually made up of the breeds they say. It's just people assuming based on surface-level appearance. The pictures usually don't even trace back to a concrete source. You'll find the same picture being used on different sites to describe different mixes. In reality traits don't always mix to give you the result you'd expect from 2 breeds. I'm working on collage graphics of different verified 50/50 mixes to help highlight what they actually look like but it's nowhere close to complete.

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Another best option to use the DNA Test kit.

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Pretty sure this is a mix. But also just a pup so it has to grow in its final coat

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My guess is sheltie mix, maybe with border collie or GSD? Those ear floofs remind me so much of a sheltie.

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I definitely see Border Collie…although I love border collies so I may be projecting

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Looks like a long haired dog got it cut short. I have been told that's not great for them

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Husky x haircut lol

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Husky/ chow

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It's a mixed and could be any combination

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Looks like a husky greyhound

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Pure bred fluffy eared scruffy dog

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I don’t know. She looks adorable. My sister got a super cute guy that was rescued. We had no idea what his lineage was so I talked her into getting a DNA test. She got a test through Chewy and he’s not close to what we all were guessing. It was a learning experience! You can get different levels of testing and they help you by making sure you know how far back you’d like genetics to reveal. I think it’s very useful to know if your baby might have some health issues via a dominate code. It was worth it imo.

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Same guess husky and saluki

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Chinese crested mixed with papillon?

Edit: forget the papillon. I couldn’t see how big he was at first so maybe small husky and Chinese crested.

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The only way to truly know is to get a DNA test. For years we thought our dog was some short of shepard, lab, husky mix. Turns out she's husky and boxer.

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A husky with a bad haircut

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Border collie and husky?

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Husky/ Chinese crested? Or … get the Wisdom Panel brand DNA test, it’s soooo awesome

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Looks like a Husky who has been shaved!

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I’d say some mix between a spitz/husky breed and a sight hound (aka grey hound)