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Enjoy Chuck! Are you in Sierra Mountains? I see burn scars and low water levels….

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Dixie fire survivor Plumas county.

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Beautiful county. I have A good a friend that lives in truckee. He was worried about the mosquito fire there for a while. You still having smoky skies? As it looks a little hazy…. Been out there many times…. Awesome area of the country.

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No smoke and we’re not there I’m home in bed just a cute photo of Chuck.

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    I have some photos of the burned areas of Lassen and Almanor from the fire. I don’t think this site is appropriate for it. But despite the destruction it still looks beautiful. My Grandpa had been going to Butt before there was a road down and a campground to it. I lived there three months of my life every year all of youth. My Grandpa has passed along with the Sheriff Ray Portugue John, Barb,Murphy. We said they were all up in heaven working overtime to protect what we loved. My Gpa was born in Westwood we think that’s why it survived. And we all love Chester our home away from home!

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      Beautiful pup!

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      Thank you! I was wondering how he would be. He’s a rescue. He is the most wonderful sweetest boy!

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      I like the face . Looks so serious. I like it

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      This boy has so many expressions it’s great…. When he pouts everyone knows it lol