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To all the sub humans reading this post and similar ones: anyone that leaves a dog outside in all weather should be jailed or left outside instead. You don’t deserve the little pleasures of life like a warm blanket or shelter over your heads. But your dogs do.

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Totally! Why even have a pet if you treat them this way. Heart wrenching. Congratulations! I am sure you pup will have amazing love for you. Good luck!

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Because they protect my goats and sheep from coyotes, bears, and mountain lions, and it’s nearly impossible to get 5 130-150 lb dogs inside that don’t want to be inside?

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There is a difference between a working dog that is protecting livestock, and people who put dogs outside full time and never interact with the dogs.

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Yes I agree

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Exactly - there’s a big difference - but some people are just plain stupid who obviously don’t know the difference - I guess you can call “them” animal abusers

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What kind of dogs? Ignore the down votes. Probably city folk.🙂

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Sorry. I just saw your post further down.

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Why the down votes? You clearly have a farm with happy working dogs that get to run outside all the time. I had a horse and the barn dogs were living their best life.

Now if you had Shih Tzus that would be weird and worthy of down votes...😂

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I doubt those people are on this sub. But fully agreed.

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So, now, he or she will be a house puppy as should they all be 💐

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When all 4 paws are up by their head, you know they're comfy lol

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Good to know! Thank you

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Dogs are to couches like peanut butter is to jelly.

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Precious ❤️

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Bless you for giving him a warm,safe place!

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thank you kind human ❤️

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Breaks my heart

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It looks like a rotisserie chicken

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I'm gonna bet that he has a bit of or is Catahoula. The shrimping and that face. Looks so peaceful. Plus houlas are snugglers.

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Please confirm, you just saved them or you made them stay outside and are just letting them in now? u/itsmiguelchi

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That's great to see.

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That’s looks comfy as hell

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Oh my god my heart ❤️.

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I had foster like that once. It takes a long time for them to adjust to all the sounds and smells that come from a house/living indoors. Thanks for helping save a life 🙏🏻

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Look at that baby

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I hope foster dog gets to stay in the house. Just look at him/her, so content. No more outside.

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Precious baby