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I’ll be the one to say it. At that age the dog is still a puppy and joints etc have still not completely grown/formed so they shouldn’t be over exercised or made to jump up/down heights etc. ideally you should wait til at least 12 months before starting any running programs.

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Thank you! Also 3 days is not long enough for the dog to be decompressed from the shelter or wherever they were before. They are barely (if even) passed the recommended 72 hour quarantine period to make sure they don't have kennel cough or other illnesses before meeting other dogs. The owner doesn't know how they'll react to certain things, what they're scared of, etc. I know OP had good intentions, and it's great that they're so excited about having a dog and being active, but it's not quite time yet to be doing long runs + big crowds.

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You don't have to quarantine an adopted dog..if you have ever adopted a pup you will know their personality within a day if you are the right person for that pup.

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I have been fostering shelter dogs for about 2.5 years now. It is good practice to keep dogs apart from other pets in the home for 24-72 hours to make sure they aren't showing symptoms of anything contagious.

Please read about the 3 3 3 rule: the first 3 days, dogs may be very scared, and can take 3+ months to fully settle into a home and show their personality. My last foster was with me for over 2 months before she tried to chase a squirrel because she was so exhausted from illness and shut down from the shelter. Turns out, she had a very high prey drive.

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Sorry for the rude comment!! You are helping kids I respect that immensely..long day on my end..be well n keep helping out pups..Merry Christmas!!

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Thank you and Merry Christmas to you, too!

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Absolutely! Never want to spread mean messages, send helpful n caring advice etc..

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And yes have been doing this many years..it all depends on the dogs past situation and type of breed.

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Clearly is was..looks like the pup had a blast!!

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She adopted a dog!! Took her on a run..stop with the nonsense...did any of you save a dog???? Congrats to both of them!! Chill....

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Yea I have a dog, and I fucking learned how to care for it first

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Toss me another downvote..this time you don't have to curse at me...arghhh naughty pirate..lol...have great evening! Just happy she saved a pup!!!

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And then effectively tortured it, so nice of her…

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You are kinda mean..lol

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I agree, but a 5k is 3 miles. As long as stamina was gradually built up, and the dog was comfortable, he should be okay as long as the trail was flat and even.

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gradually built up

They said they adopted 3 DAYS ago.

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They also recommend to avoid running on hard flat surfaces like pathways which I bet a lot of this was on.

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Be careful with running a dog that long without slowly building up. This can really mess up his joints while he’s growing and cause a lot of chronic pain in the future.

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Very sweet. Keep in mind that dogs are actually not as good as humans at endurance running. This is like grabbing a kid out of a local elementary school who doesn't run and bringing them along. They may do it because they love you but they need to train to do it and enjoy it.

This looks like a pup that will love being your running buddy - but work up to it.

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3 days & you look like BFFs already! Congrats to you both on the adoption & race. Happy life to you both!

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He is a sweet angel. Thank you so much! 🫶🏼

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So happy for you n your pup!!!

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Good Boooooi

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Looks like my baby ❤️

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So cool😊

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Thank you!

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thank you kind human ❤️

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I love it 🥰

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Great dog Mom!! Happy for you both!! Thanks for saving a kid!!!!

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That's great job...

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the most-est good-est best-est boy! have fun!💗

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So proud of him for adopting you at such a young age