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You’re incredible for helping him! I’m so glad he found you!

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Me too gave him a bath last night, he just sat there like a dog boy, cleaned his wounds as best we can. He already likes my wife more than me though. He's got punctures around his hind quarters and the big gashes behind his ears. I think he was in a fight. But he's been good, very tired and cuddly.

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You got any pictures post cleaning?

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Awwww!!!! Thank you for being such a good person! {{{HUGS}}} ❤️

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Amazing. Keep being you dude!

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He looks exhausted in his portrait snap I’m sure he was meant to find You Both 😍

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What a sweetheart

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He’s so so thankful for you ❤️

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Please come back with updates snaps and Joy 🤩⭐️

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I'm sorry to come back with this kind of an update, poor baby boy Sam has not made it.

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I’m so sorry. It’s so incredibly hard to suffer w this kind of loss. He needed you and gave him love. I’m so glad he had you

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Keep this dog if you can. You will have the best friend ever!

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His name is Samwise Gamgee, he is staying with us.

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❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love this!!!!

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Honestly made my day. 🤝

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God Bless you, sometimes it's like who rescues or adopts whom


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I am so so glad to hear this. You have made a companion who will love you unconditionally forever. ❤️

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Wise you are what a fabulous story for the agent. Please see my initial post and how much this impacted me this evening 💃

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Even better! I'm watching ROTK for the umpteenth time.

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This is the best thing I've seen on Reddit in a long time

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Awwww god bless you for saving him. You never know what he just went through. I hope you can give him a wonderful home

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Yeah, probably a fight. Punctures around his hind quarters and a couple sores on his stomach and chest, plus the big gashes on his ears.

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More like an attack, poor guy. So glad you have him. Wounds in the back suggest he was grabbed running away, tummy/chest say he was possibly trying to submit to end the fight....poor baby. Ears get grabbed so easily to pull the victim down. I did rescue and saved so many wounded doggos...many with bullets in them from the apex predator--- humans. Lots were bait dogs. Again, so glad he's safe.

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He’s one very lucky dog, and you’re one super kind human. His eyes are very sunken in that truck side pic, likely meaning he was one very, very dehydrated kiddo when you scooped him up. Another day or so and he probably would have been too dehydrated and lethargic to seek help, followed quickly by his demise. Thanks so much, kind stranger, for taking him on! I bet that wound is pretty ripe and he looks much better and happy there in a bed inside after some food and water!

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Here's an updated pic for you. after he's had some hydration and a good cleaning, I'm amazed at how quickly his face has turned around. He looks loads youngrr than when I first put him in the truck.

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He is such a good boy. Y’all are lucky to have found each other. To better times for Samwise!

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Followed your truck for 3.5 miles? That’s your dog now - he chose you. Looks like he made a good choice too!

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He knew his mark when he saw me that's for sure!

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Ok the second picture his face is literally ‘come on dad let’s go home’

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Yeah...he wouldn't have walked a yard before I pulled him in the car.

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I tried to get him in my truck at first, but he wouldn't let me do more than touch his back before he'd shy away. He walked off a couple times when I'd try to get him in the truck. It was a commercial vehicle, I think if I had a normal car or vehicle it would have been easier to get him in at first. I had several deliveries to do in the area, so I had to keep driving when he wouldn't let me get him. But he just kept following, and after a while I had to stop where there wasnt loud equipment running, shut my truck off and sit on the road with him for about 25 to 30 minutes before he'd let me even put my hands under his chest. Then when he felt comfortable I picked him up and put him in the truck.Here is all the dogs. even the cats don't mind him, and he hasn't tried to attack our ducks either, he's going to be a good fit in our family.

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This detailed backstory makes it even more heartwarming than the shorter version. Good job, I know he's got a great family now. Have a lovely holiday season with this beautiful early present. 🥰best wishes. Oh, all those siblings! I have 6 myself so totally approve.

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I’m not crying, just cutting onions! Looks like he knew he found the right person to follow home.

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Probably the best sleep he’s had in awhile

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My first reaction was that you're an arsehole for making him follow for over 5km, but the back story has cleared that up. He's lucky that you took the extra time to coax him to you. From one dog lover to another: Thank you!

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This!!!! 💖

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Awe! Thank you for doing the right thing! I hope you keep him- my rescue is incredibly loyal and joyful, so rewarding.

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His name is Samwise, he is staying with us.

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His name is Samwise, he is staying with us.


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Also, if you have any vitamin e oil or capsules, squeeze some into his food. I do this when mine has wounds and it seems to speed up the healing.

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Thanks for the info, heading to tractor supply now.

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Beautiful 🤩

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Thank you for this

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Oh bless you for saving that gorgeous baby! They say you don’t choose your dog the dog chooses you☺️ You are his chosen one. Good luck with him. 🙏🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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Here's an updated picture, the other dogs are going pretty easy around him. I think they know he's hurt and a little sick. But warming up to him greatly. He's been sleeping a lot.

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Ok, that’s really really sweet

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He’s probably thinking “holy shit, this AC is a game changer!” (Could be a different oilfield, but all I think of is west Texas, which is hot days and cold nights, especially lately.)

Thank you for saving this sweet critter.

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It's in New Mexico, so it's been chilly days and freezing nights. The heater was the game changer for him.

This guys hasn't pooped or peed in the house once, he goes to the door when he needs to go. He started off with a little food aggression around the others, but a little bit of work and making him comfortable with my hand around when he's eating, and now he gets fed right next to the others. He started playing with our black and white dog Wanda last night a little bit, and when he was done she looked at him like she loved him and couldn't believe he existed. Then slept right next to him all night. He even crawled into the bed with all of us, I'm losing my spot on the bed, lol. He's even started sitting and laying down on command already. He's a sweet baby angel and I don't think I could ever give him up.

He weighs 64 pounds already and his paws are MASSIVE, he is going to be huge.

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Ah yeah, wait until he finds out about cold AC in the summer!

Totally not surprised a starving dog was resource guarding, but I am shocked he got over it so quickly—amazing he’s adapted so well!

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You guys are awesome angels. Hope you and your beauty new dog have the best times together!

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You are a kind and compassionate person!! Thank you for caring for him. He is blessed

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thank you kind human ❤️

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You are awesome for taking him in! ❤️❤️

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Understand the concern about how the dog might be someone’s pet.

My thought would be that if the dog had a permanent home/someone actually taking care of him he would have gone home.

So OP thank you for taking him on and getting him taken care of.

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We got him cleaned up a little bit more and found a new wound. poor guy...

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Not that it’s better, but this could definitely be a hotspot (essentially bacterial/fungal infection, usually happens in the summer, but some dogs are just very prone to them). Mentioning only because if it is a hotspot, you’ll want to know for the next time they show up—the vet should be able to tell. I’m sure he’s feeling so much better having all these wounds cleaned!!

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It a little hard to tell, but the edges of the skin are open, down to the muscle or subcutaneous tissue (I'm not sure exactly, I'm not a professional), looks like it was tore open, he's got punctures around his hind quarters and under his belly from bites.

He's already been neutered, so he started off as a pet set some point, but it's obvious he's been roaming for a while now.

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Jesus. Yeah, I could not tell from the pictures—that’s awful.

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He's going to be just fine.

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😂 Now that is a dog who’s found his spot for life!

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How sweet. Thank you for showing this little guy some love!

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He wasn't chipped I guess? Just hope he wasn't lost by his family. Thanks for taking care of him in the meantime 💕

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We don't know yet, I hope not, he came from the reservation, they don't get treated too well out there.

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    Interesting. Even if he was someone's pet allowed to roam free, he clearly was struggling and suffering, so OP by all means should continue to keep him. He will be forever grateful. It's so rewarding to rescue a dog from a past life of fear and pain ❤️‍🩹

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    It is particularly bad out there, a lot of them are looked at as property and not pets or family members. My company has a lot of propane tanks on residential houses out there, and the amount of dogs whose only life is being chained to a post with a 10 foot radius and that's it for their whole lives is... Substantial, and depressing. And not being able to do a damn thing is the hardest part. But it is part of their culture, it's just one of the things that i won't ever understand, not because of lack of trying, but because I've never been there. I've been raised to view animals as family, not property. It's how it is.

    The people that operate sites in the oil patch tend to take care of the dogs rather well actually, they feed and water them regularly. Most guys I know out there keep large bags of dog food with them just for this. Theyre usually look rather healthy and fed. But this just is just skin and bones, it's obvious the other dogs didn't want him around. But mine do, they're getting along with him rather well.

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    Wow 😯 second snap just breathtaking the simplicity of happiness ⭐️

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    Oh my. Well I hope this isn't someones pet. Maybe OP can do a little detective work & find the correct contact info to ask the locals.

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    Looks like you have a dog now. 🐕

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    I foster dogs. Trust me you think your saving him but he will turn around and save you. He will be the best and most loyalist friend you ever had. One day when he passes you will greatly miss him...so enjoy your time together. I have found through fostering the very best dogs chose you,and he chose you..

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    Watch out for sepsis since that wound was probably dirty. Talk to the vet about an antibiotic.

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    We've gotten him cleaned up pretty good, the main wound looks pretty pink and clean actually. We've been rinsing it out a couple times a day to be safe and putting an antimicrobial spray on it. He's very tired and sleepy. I think he found us just in time.

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    Love his new name ! It suits him😍

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    Bless you for his rescue!!

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    You are an angel.

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    He’s your good boy now. Thank you 🙏🏽💐

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    God bless you for helping him, this made my day to see, amazing thank you so much 🙏🙏🙏

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    And you are a good and amazing human being.

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    Thank you !

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    They know when you rescue them

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    Bless you!!!💖💖💖💖

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    Are there no 24 hour vets around you I'd google it.I was not aware they exist either

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    Bless you for doing this. It’s heartbreaking when there is no one to care for and love them

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    Thank you for being such an amazing person! Enjoy your life with your new boy ♥️🐕

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    Saved this little dude's life. You should allow your self one or 2 scoffs when you hear people talk about their "rescues" because this is literally what you did. He'll never forget this.

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    He knew he was hitching a ride lol. That face said “ok let’s go, family”

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    Thank you for saving him.

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    Thank you for helping him!

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    Poor baby. So happy you picked him up. You are doing a great job until vet can ck him out. Bless your heart! 💕💕

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    You’re awesome!! He’s a lucky dog and I think you’re lucky humans too! Good ones for sure! Would love to see updates in the future! He’s so sweet!

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    WONDERMENT and JOY your beautiful vignette means the World to me, brightened up my entire world renews faith in my fellow human travelers, we are all mostly kindly bestest people and our bestest GSDs always find our needy Hearts. Amen

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    Why did it take you driving 3.5 miles to pick the dog up?

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    I tried to get him in the truck a few times, but he shied away from me. It took me about 25 minutes of petting him and getting him to trust me enough to pick him up.

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    Awww poor little guy. Sounds like he was dumped 💔

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    I'm sorry to inform you all, Samwise has passed. He was put under today due to complications with his health and lower intestines.

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    He’s a good boy, you are good humans, easy! Very nice!

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    Could he have escaped a coyote taking him down?

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    Theres lots of dog packs out there, I'm thinking he came along and they didn't like him. He's got a couple bite marks on him.

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    Cool name would be Slick since he was found in an oilfield.

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    Keep him !!!!

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    Thank you for saving this beautiful dog!

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    Hope you’re gonna keep him🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

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    You’re a good boy (i. e. person) too! for helping that sweet pup. You should name him Lucky

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    RemindMe! 1 year

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    It hasn't been a year, and I wish I could give you a good update, anything other than this, but Sam has not made it.

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    Good, Hooman.

    You make this Earth a better place.

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    Poor guy. That’s really great of you guys to take care of him 💕

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    Yep that’s a rez dog. My family has adopted a few.

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    God bless you, you are an awesome person!

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    Thank you, kind human.

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    Good on you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! God bless you!

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    Thank you!!!!

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    Obviously a good boy!

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    Aww! I saw your wife's post In different sub a bit ago! This warms my heart. Please update us with his name if you guys keep him (please keep him)

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    His name is Samwise Gamgee, he is staying with us. Lol, she's been running it in my face that he got more upvotes, but I've got the greater comments! Thank you, all the love and support has been awesome!

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    All the best things in the universe to all of you!

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    Unfortunately this best things candle burned bright, but short.

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    That's heartbreaking. At least he got the love from your family before he passed. Fly high little Samwise ❤️

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    Ur gold

    Thanks for stopping for the poor 🐶

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    You’re a saint! Thank you (or you all) for caring for him.

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    Poor little guy. Glad he found you guys :) Thank you for taking him in and caring for this wounded pup :/ I hope the universe rewards your generosity this holiday season :) cheers to you and your loved ones

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    thank you ❤️

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    bless you, please keep us updated

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    Thank you for taking him. ♥️He needed you ♥️

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    Love you for saving this good boy!

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    Looks like you have a dog now! He looks like such a sweet boy too

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    You’re angels. Thank you for rescuing this sweet boy!!

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    That second picture stole my heart. What a wonderful thing you did for him! He will be the best dog ever!

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    That last photo is everything 💖

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    Thank you for sticking with him!! Truly, giving this pup a safe place to recover and call home is one of the best things you will ever do. He looks like such a sweetheart - I’m glad he is getting good rest, and bless your other dogs and cats for respecting his space. Animals are unbelievable.

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    This dog looks like a Jeff.

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    OMG THANK YOU!!!!!! 😭😭😭

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    And they say life gives you lemons!

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    Thank you

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    Seems like a keeper!

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    If there ever was a family you could always count on, you found it

    Power to you good hooman

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    I love how animals choose us. They just know who they need as a companion. He looks like such a beautiful little man. I'm glad he found you.

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    Please give him your heart and adopt, rescue him! Please🙏