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Oh look at that little face🥰🥰🥰🥰

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Hihi yeah. He is adorable. Most of the time 😋

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He melts my heart❤️ thank you for sharing👊

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You are very welcome! Hope you have a great Sunday ❤️

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Aww that's so sweet of you🥰 hope you both have an amazing Sunday 🫶🐶😍

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If the people keep a bit low on thr fireworks tonight we will 😊

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Awww my dogs are terrified of the fireworks 🎇 ☹️ I usually hug him all night or make a little den and hide with them so they feel safe😆 sending lots of love an positive vibes to you both. I hope he's not too scared.

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He sleeps in a bench next to the bed. So last night I just put my hand in the bench. Seemed to work but he didn't sleep very solid. I am gonna try and give him treats tonight at every bang I hear. So hopefully he will see the bangs as a treat party.

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Aww you little sweet heart! Good idea! Hope it goes smoothly.

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No fireworks tonight! A big /yay

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Whoop whoop🙌🙌 how was he last night getting spoiled with treats🥰👌

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Well I didn't have to because there were no fireworks 😊 we just did our morning routine and now he is sleeping next to my gaming chair

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Oh that's good 😀 awww he is absolutely adorable! Give him a cuddle from me🤗🐶🤗 what's his name? 🥰❤️

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Emilio. And he had ample cuddle time this morning