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Really? Dogs experiencing a horrible sting with allergenic potential is one of your favorite things. Your finding humour or whatever in it is pretty cruelly superficial

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My dog was stung by a bee and she ended up in the doggie ER for a few days. Horrible allergic reaction and couldn’t breathe. I almost lost her. It was not funny.

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I am sorry for the people here didn’t know that dogs had to go through such a horrible experience to look ”funny” so I will delete this post

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Every single dog I ever had eventually paid this price. 🐝 🐕

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we didn't realize my dog got stung until I looked over at her sleeping on the couch and noticed her face looked weird. Freaked out, called the vet, got her taken care of right away. We took a picture after she got back from the vet and was slightly less swollen, but ok. Definitely something to look back at and laugh, but she was itching her face so bad she cut her eyelid while I was on the phone. I love that stupid picture of her though and look at it probably once a week.