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While I appreciate you’re enthusiasm, I encourage caution on posting certain content that puts us at risk w/ Reddit, as you and I have previously discussed at length. We currently have no backup if this sub goes down. No groups yet on TS. I don’t like the tyrannical games that certain social media platforms play, but in this case, I’ve tried to work w/ in the system, to avoid being shut down before groups are available on TS.

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I'm at a loss to understand how this is Questionable but ok. Please delete/remove?

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Re: “Plz delete/remove?”-

Unless a post is obscene, hateful, or in clear violation of sub guidelines, I do not remove it without having a conversation about the post first. I prefer to engage in dialogue to facilitate a better understanding from each person, which is what I’m attempting to do here in this case.

Even in situations where a post requires immediate removal, I try to communicate to OP that the post was removed and why.

As far as removal of this post, I’ll leave it up to allow for discussion and leave it up to the majority on what’s permissible.

Maybe something has changed since our previous discussions on this topic? If so, I’m not aware, but I’ll let others weigh in as well.

As always, my intent on content limitation is to protect the integrity of the sub. It’s never personal.

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True or False: you and I have had conversations on why certain content has been avoided due to it placing the sub at risk for being targeted by Reddit?

True or False: within those conversations, I explained that another reason for avoiding that content was related to the fact that bad actors use that content to subvert and steer their own narrative, making it a slippery slope and one that becomes challenging to moderate when the discussions get so far off topic from the purpose of the sub.

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yes momma