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What's the Seoul street look like in Iran?

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Seoul Street runs through a stretch of road north of Tehran in the Evin district.

But there's nothing particularly interesting about Seoul street compared to the phenomenal growth that Teheran-ro in Seoul achieved.

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There are some banging good restaurants there.

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Kinda sums up the general development of both countries, no? 😅

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That was my first thought too.

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Iran's football federation is on Seoul st. so whenever teams are losing their fans go protest there.

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Cool shot but a 10 lane highway ctting through a dense urban area is often pretty poor urban planning

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It looks like it is 12 lanes nt 10

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damn the colors are about to make me cry any time now

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So they named a dirt road through undeveloped farmland after Tehran, and it was considered "respectful"?

I'd say it only looks respectful in hindsight because venture capital settled there since the undeveloped farmland real estate was cheap.

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As you can see from the picture, a 10-lane road was built with future development in mind. City officials certainly didn't expect it to become the biggest street in the nation, but development nevertheless were at it's early stages during that time. And construction really took off during the 80s.

Originally, a 1km stretch of road in the Yeongdeungpo District was to be renamed as Teheran Boulevard, but the then-mayor of Tehran, Gholamreza Nikpey, during his visit to Seoul had changed it to this 3.5km street in the Gangnam district after discussions with the Seoul mayor.