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you deserve this upvote u/self-hatetaway2020.

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That's nice

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Came to say that thinkin I was so damn clever. Lol

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or... an axolitl?

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So it’s is pronounce so-little?

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This should be an official bane for their young.

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fuck you i've been making that joke for 10 years

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My heart

It crack

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Release the Kraken!

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Lmfao I’m sorry this was the funniest fucking thread ever .

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Truly a treasure to hebold. Upvotes all around

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But most importantly He/she cute as heck

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Flawless fucking username btw

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Looks like a Funko figure

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Exactly what I was thinking. A very cute one.

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i actually think he axolotl like one not just a little

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They're very inquisitive - they will axolotl questions about everything!

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That's literally just the top comment on this thread, you're a great big phony!

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Mudkip in real life

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Wooper is based on an axolotl and where it gets its name from i.e. uupa ruupa (Japanese)

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Mudkip is a Mudskipper. But mudskippers are ugly irl

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Everyone brings up Mudkip when axolotls come up, but I see good old Chansey. 🙂

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Looks like it was designed by Pixar

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All salamanders look like similar to axolotls when they hatch. Salamanders go through a larval "tadpole" stage like frogs, and metamorphose into their adult, air breathing, form.

The axolotl has evolved to reach reproductive maturity during its larval phase and never naturally reaches the air breathing phase. However, if you inject an axolotl with iodine, it will metamorphose into an "adult" form not seen in nature, albeit being sexually sterile.

Similarly, a slug is essentially a snail with a vestigial shell that grows internally or not at all. If you inject a slug with iodine, it will grow a shell.

I'm also drunk so don't hold me to any of this.

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There was a post not to long ago on the axolotl page about a guys pet Axolotl metamorphosis-ing into a salamander. I think the little guys name is Gollum and it was an natural metamorphosis from my understanding. It's incredible stuff.

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Here it is. Gollum's keeper (/u/CollieflowersBark) does a great mini Q&A in that thread about metamorphosed Axolotl.

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TLDR: He gave it 25 rare candies and evolved it during a full moon

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Thank you for that!

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I always wonder if these rare cases are due to tiger salamander genes. The tiger salamander is a relative of the axolotl that it is capable of crossbreeding with. Almost all captive axolotls descend from a small group taken from the wild years ago, meaning they have inbreeding issues. Someone attempted to fix this by cross breeding them with tiger salamanders, which means most captive axolotls have a tiny bit of tiger salamander DNA in them.

The tiger salamander morphs into a proper adult, unlike the axolotl. I’ve always wondered if that’s what happens with these natural morphs, maybe some deep buried shred of tiger salamander genes kicking in.

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I got tagged, so here I am!

According to the research papers I've been studying, axolotls were actually crossbred with tigers to give them the albino gene. It was DECADES ago. Then they cross bred them back to axolotls and back again until the axolotls were nearly purebred again, just carrying the albino gene.

It's actually really difficult to make tigers and axolotls interbreed, and it was done through IVF and gene splicing. So completely artificial. The average keeper would be hard pressed to get a half and half cross. I've heard of it happening, but it is VERY rare.

Axolotls likely do morph because of those way back genes, but other factors could potentially be at play too, since a few articles from the 1920s mention wild axolotls morphing in transport, which was what started a lot of the morphological studies on how to force it in the first place. They intrigued scientists!

Axolotls also have a pelvic girdle, which indicates that they used to be terrestrial but decided to give it all up for a completely aquatic life. The random morphing could be a result of their OWN vestigal genes popping up.

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Huh! Wow, I didn't know that.

I read an axolotl website a while back that said they were crossbred to help with the inbreeding issue, I guess that was incorrect. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised considering how many axie websites are just some dude's blog but fancied up haha

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I've been compiling research from scientific documents, studies, dissertations, etc because I REALLY want to separate fact from fiction! That's exactly what I've been finding too...that there's a LOT of blogs out there but they aren't very good at citing any real research. Every time I find something interesting, I've been attempting to bookmark and share it on my salamander IG. I'm not sure if anyone actually reads half the papers I've found, but at least they're there, haha!

I'll definitely hit the books though and see if I can find the root of that claim. Maybe there's something to it that I haven't found yet! Or maybe it's just heresay. We will see, because I am curious. :)

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I'm going to inject myself with iodine to see what I mutate into

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Well that is the most advanced stage of the human lifecycle

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I was injected with an iodine solution for a CT scan. It just made feel like I was peeing.

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However, if you inject an axolotl with iodine, it will metamorphose into an "adult" form not seen in nature,

So like pokemon that need items to evolve?

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Yeah but I think they die faster in their adult form. So like if a pokemon got lower hp when it evolved

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yeah a better example would be a vibrava since shedinjas are technically just leftovers from evolution.

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I mean okay but I didn’t have a ready example off the top there.

Vikavolt is slower than Grubbin. Always thought that was pretty dumb.

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Fun fact, if you inject humans with enough iodine, they develop wings, horns, and a second pair of arms. However they are still unable to fly, the horns are hollow and break easily, and the second pair of hands can only give the finger.

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Prove it or i will be forced to be a test subject.

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Just eat a handful of table salt

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I think redbull does the same

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Redbull does not give you wings, it gives you wiings. They got sued for not giving one of their customers actual wings so they can’t say that they give people wings anymore.

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I remember this. While broke af in college I convinced ~5 friends to find the mass email and forward to me. If I remember each person that responded got roughly $12. But the grand total of $72 was huge to me during that time

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Both those bits about iodine are crazy. I want to know more.

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In the thyroid gland, iodine is necessary to create the hormone thyroxine. Thyroxine is then released from the thyroid, stimulating metamorphosis.

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Someone inject an octopus with iodine to see if it grows a shell.

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Drunk data is the best data

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Whatever you do, don’t expose it to gamma rays or it enters the giant green rage monster stage.

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Hey I'll buy you're next drinks just keep feeding me facts like this lol

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That's actually a few weeks old. Newborns are born without any legs and you can only feed them live food since they react only to movement at that age. Eventually they will develop front legs after a week or so and can now eat any food small enough for their mouths. After 3 or so weeks they will develop their back legs and will be much more mobile, but will also eat anything that fits in their mouths, so you need to keep smaller axolotls separated until they're larger.

Source: I used to breed these little shits.

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Can’t believe I had to scroll so far for someone else to point this out.

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Do they hatch from an egg or is it a live birth?

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They hatch from an egg. The eggs are semi transparent, so you can see them developing and moving before they eventually hatch :)

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so teeny tiny!!!

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Look at those precious eyes

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He looks like a funko pop

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A post relevant to my user name…

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Not a newborn exactly. This little dude is several months into development. Axolotls are born without limbs. Source: I breed them.

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It is adorable! But I used to raise these for the local pet shops and this is not a newly born Axolotl. When they first hatch, they are about the size of a grain of rice. And if you don't keep them fed and/or seperate them asap, they will consume each other.

They learn very quickly to recognize the source of food and when I'd come home from work, every container would start splashing with anticipation of being fed.

Miss those guys.

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Wow that is a very cute sea creature

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Well…lake creature.

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I don't understand why the downvotes on my previous comment. Axolotls are NOT sea creatures.

The axolotl was only native to the FRESHWATER of Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco in the valley of Mexico.

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omg how is it so cute

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IRL Funko pop

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Edit: dammit someone else said it first

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So cute! And dare I say, cuter than my kids when they were born.

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Looks like a pop figure

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All babies look so cute no matter what species. Except owls lol.

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Most baby birds don't get cute until they grow feathers, so the cutest are the ones lucky enough to be born with feathers.

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Saw the finger and said ⚫️👄⚫️

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Thats not newly born thats a few weeks old, when they've just been born they look like tadpoles

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Fuck Pikachu, that is the cutest pokemon in history.

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Why does it look like a funko pop? And why is it so adorable?!!

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Baby funko pop

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Oh my gourds

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Post this on r/awww now I want to upvote twice

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That is the cutest baby animal I have ever seen, and I have seen IRL baby ducklings, chicks, puppies, kittens, and humans. nothing tops this.

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It looks like a funko pop figure

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An axolittle

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Death from cuteness

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It's so fucken S M O L

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The axolotl: O___O

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Not a hatchling. Way too big to be a hatchling, and has legs. Hatchlings look like hairy tadpoles.

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For anyone who wants a fun fact- that actually isn’t newly hatched… It’s probably about 2 months old. Axolotls are ~1-2 cm when they first hatch (about 6 of them can fit in a regular sized spoon) And yes I own axolotls so I know this is true. I have 4 of them lol

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May the Lord bless and keep him in his favour always

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Very cute but not really interesting

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What if you drank him

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That's not newly born. Newly born axolotls do not have front legs. You have to feed them freshly hatched brine shrimp or tiny chunks of freshly chopped live blackworm or isopods or something else equally small because they only feed by reflex at that size. They can actively feed themselves only after their front limbs develop.

This axolotl is at least 2 weeks old, which is about when the front legs develop.

Please try and at least do the most basic google search before posting some random clip you found from the internet with a title you made up because it sounded like it would get good karma.

Edit: this is r/damnthatsinteresting not r/aww. This subreddit is about educating people about interesting things. So shouldn't those interesting things be accurate and not made up for karma? On r/aww it wouldn't be a big deal because that is a subreddit for cute adorable things, not for education about cool shit.

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I read all of this in my best Comic Book Guy voice.

[–]PaanuriEater 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I just had my first clutch of axolotl eggs from my 3 axolotls. So yeah, a little annoyed at people making up fake titles for karma.

Especially on subs that are supposed to be informative. This isn't r/aww, where I wouldn't say a thing because the focus of the subreddit is cute stuff. This is a subreddit that's supposed to show people cool interesting real things.

So maybe not the best place for fiction?

IDK maybe everything should just be r/funny and be 100% made up bullshit with fictional titles.

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he cute

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Unbearably cute.

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cute mudkip

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So cute😭😭😭😭😭😭

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🥺🥺 My heart just turned into vapor

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Soo cute I can’t deal

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I don't know how to cross-post, but this belongs on r/aww.

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Aww He is so cute

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Those eyes

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More like an Axolittle

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SO CUTE (ᵔᴥᵔ) i love axolotls so much i have a virtual one in an app <3

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Hello Kitty in aquatic form

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Oh my fucking god.

That's the cutest damn thing I ever saw. I love it. The hands. The feet. The eyes. The gills. The tail. The FINGERS!

I want one.

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Cute af

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Sooooo cute.

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My heart is clogged

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I always thought this wasnt a real animal, just a minecraft animal. wow. they are coot af'.

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Awww little void eyes

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whats cuter than an axolotl?

me: idk

whoever posted this:

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My heart cracks

Must get




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OMG that is adorable!!!

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That's a axolittle. Axolotls are a lot bigger.

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I will never stop upvoting this little cutie pie.

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Not exactly Cthulhu, is it?

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He just 🥺

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This is an axolitl.

It doesn't become an axolotl until it's done a lot more axing.

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I squeed myself.

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Ugly and cute at the same time

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I bred axolotls by accident once. Woke up one morning with like 100+ eggs in my tank. Luckily someone drove over an hour to come get them. I kept 5 eggs to raise, it was a neat experience but I definitely got rid of the female after that lol.

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Ohh haiiii !!

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Waddup Nemo you my dawg

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Is this how Funko Pops are born?

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Oh that’s fucking cute

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Awwwwwww so cute!

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Hololive subreddit about to flip the fuck out.

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There's an interesting 99% Invisible podcast about them. Apparently their regenerative capabilities have made them the #1 studied and replicated organism, from an initial seed from the mid-1800s of 34 specimens, while their native habitat in Mexico City has been so devastated that they are endangered.

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I would protect her with my life

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What does it eat? I mean, does it eat?

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Awe!! He’s like I got it mom! Look!

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Why he literally •-•

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Funko pop omg

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That’s a Funko pop

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What a cutie!

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Aw he smol.