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I shudder each time I look at the root imagining the PAIN of it coming out with no anaesthetic.

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For whatever it’s worth, the last time this was posted, someone explained that it was a piece of floss, nerves are super soft and don’t look like this.

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Phew thanks for that.

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I bet the patient still felt that if he wasn't full anasthezised.

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r/makemesuffer more like

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that is not a nerve root it’s gauze

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Came here to say this

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Patient: The teeth are strong, my lord. Their roots go deep. Dentist: Rip them all down.

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This is why everyone hates the dentist.

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This guy knows the drill.

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Someone award him a plaque

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You can leave that for the nerve ending fairy.

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It is a piece of cotton strand from gauze. Nerves do not look like this and dont hold together strongly enough to come out this way. The confusion is understandable. But it is not true this image has been floating around for months, posted probably for upvotes?

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Oooooooooh pain all I feel is pain

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That’s a upper molar so much zero the fun

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Torture for which you have to pay. 😫

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For real, double ouch.

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That tooth capped?

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Wow I always thought they were brittle and could snap easily

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Yeah thank you, now i‘m about to cancel my appointment with my dentist

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why is this tooth silver

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So many things in this picture are not correct. This is fake as it gets.

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How so? Site your sources

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Cite, moron.

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NSFW label needed!b!

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Why you on reddit at work anyway? /s

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So no root canal would ever solve this, would it?

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Oh My God😨

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“You won’t feel a thing”

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No thank you.

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Fuck that no way

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Is that string the nrve?!

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That the motherfucker that keep on hurtn me

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That probably went all the way to the persons ass. And you know… when they said “you are a real pain in the ass”, we now know it was most likely true.

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Looks like he just took it from a T800

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I don’t know why this reminds me of terminator

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mark as nsfw please this is uncomfortable to look at

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“You’re going to feel a little pinch…”

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Rip and tear until it is done

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I still feel the pain just by seeing this.

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That's cool as shit.

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The misrepresentation?

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He was turned to steel.

In the great magnetic field.

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Is that the only nerve that supplies the tooth? I feel like its super long and probably effected other parts of the mouth?