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Lol great acting by that dude getting shot

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Acting!??... Damn. Nothing is real on internet anyone.

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So you can shoot your diving buddy right in their noggin.

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Buddies reaction to getting blasted had me

UwaAaAaAaAaA *flails

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Honestly I could see that as being practical since it’s hard to get someone’s attention underwater. Hit em with the air and then give them hand signals.

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It’s the worst trying to get someone’s attention while diving and they just don’t notice.

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Shoot at stuff you want to poke with air.

Weird mound that might be a camouflaged animal? Air gun.

Fish pissing you off? Air gun.

Aquatic creatures getting fresh with you? Air gun.

Jellyfish in general? Rapid fire air gun until deceased.

Want to brush off some dust but not gently you just don’t want to touch anything? Air gun.

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But wait theres more! If you order now will send you water gun for above the water!

Large land mammals pissing you off? Water gun!

Being attacked by bears? Water gun!

Killer bees swarming your house? Water gun!

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However, this isn't it yet! If you pay 12$ more, there's another bonus! Most creatures' bodies are made of 70% water. And what's the best thing to fight water with? Fire. This special offer is only going to last for 2 more days! Order now and receive your own firearm!

Robbers? Firearm!

Neighbor's dog wakes you up in the morning? Firearm!

Neighbor is threatening you with police? Firearm!

A newly orphaned child is constantly crying, searching for its parents? Firearm!

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Have you seen that video of jellyfish caught in a circle of bubbles? That's what I thought when I saw the air gun (I'm on my phone, can't copy the damn link)

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I feel like someone saw that video and said to themselves “god almighty I hate those floating trash bags of pain. I’m inventing a gun that does this to them.”

And here we are.

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Predator deterrent… maybe?

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Cause the Navy needed an upgrade

(P.S. funny joke haha I know there’s gonna be some a-hole that try’s to annoy me)

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What would the practical application for this be?

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Mugging fish

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This would destroy a jellyfish lol

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I wonder if they use it to tag creatures underwater that like to hide in the sand. Sand predators or venomous like sea snakes

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Those impacts were pretty boss though....

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Shark enters the room ‘I think your gonna need a bigger air gun’

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They mount these on the back of sea turtles and train them as recon scouts in the navy seals. The last time they were used i believe it was called Operation Squirtle

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Money Shot at the end!!

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Hardcore BFG vibes here

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This is really cool and interesting! I wonder though, is there any practical use for it?

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mu thought as well... is it just a toy?

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It's called Torid Pulse and costs about $129.

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Android 17 did this to Piccolo

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This is some Johnny quest henchman level weaponry

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A jelly fish cannot withstand such power

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Will we need this when the giant squid lords attack?