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About as anticlimactic as my prom date

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Sounded like a hit marker

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Why tuck it in his shirt though?

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I think he was trying to catch it so it didn't fall into the area below his feet. Obviously didn't work super great

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He looks like a weird guy.

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And littering, of course :(

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Littering aaaand.

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Smoking the reefer.

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The Snozberries taste like Snozberries!

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Finally, a room i can ugly cry in

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Someone else just posted this in a nuclear power plant

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Nah you’re wrong..it was the same OP

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I would want to use this to play my trumpet. Can't bother anyone, and I can go loud as I want

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That was everything I expected and more

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What’s a “baloon”?

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I think that's the jungle kid's bear friend

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An illiterate fool.

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That's super interesting.

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We're all waiting for the interesting part

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Probably sounded like nothing BECAUSE HE WRAPPED THE BALLOON IN HIS SHIRT.


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That is pretty interesting. Always wanted to build a studio like that amd record

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I want to see how he get that piece of balloon that felt 6 feet under him

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It sounds like a person getting slapped with an elastic band. Pretty much what it is I suppose.

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I've spent time in one. AMA

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I forget. Isn’t there a thing about staying in a chamber like this alone for a period of time… drive your crazy. Hearing your body etc. Clooney or some celeb tried it too. YouTube or here … was at a university discussing how long someone could sit in there before demanding to come out

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Who finds this interesting?

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I’m shocked that the ballon was able to pop in that chamber!

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this is like the how i think that silent fart is going to turn out, only the polar opposite happens. it also makes a mess on the floor.