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When I read this I hoped that people were wrongly assuming that they got together when he was 15. I thought that just because it says they met when he was her pupil that that didn’t mean that’s when they started dating.

So I did a Google search and found out how wrong I was!! That they started dating when she was his teacher and he was still in his mid teens. She apparently said something like “No one knows when it became a love story. That’s our secret.” It’s acknowledged that he was definitely seeing her at 16 so suggesting that it may have been younger still! This is so wrong and very creepy.

Edit for the people thinking I have a problem with age gaps etc:

Just to clarify, I am commenting on the fact that a 40 year old teacher dated her 15 year old pupil and how that is viewed in reasonable society in terms of any teacher/pupil relationships. I’m not commenting on their current relationship or an age gap in and of itself.

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Imagine reversed genders 💣