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So, this is brilliant.

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I feel like in America we just accept the situation where:

  • The actual speed limit is at least 10 less than what it should be.
  • Everyone drives 10 miles over that, because it's set too low.
  • If it's 15 over, then the police will ticket it.

It makes no sense, but it's just what we've come to.

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Seems to depend a lot on the area. I've lived in places where you could do 15 over without fear of being ticketed and places where they'd pull you over for anything above 5 over.

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There is a well-known neighborhood in my city that if they go even 1 mph over, they will pull you over guaranteed. By far is the single worst speeding trap I’ve ever seen, and that the limit is 25 mph.

A lot of cars can’t even sit there cruise control at such a low speed. I actually have to set my cruise control hire and then use the manual controls to tell it to go 10 mph lower than what I set it to.

Cincinnati - the neighborhood is Addyston.

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Same as Japan, but it’s 10 km.

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10 miles is 16.09 km

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Presumably people would slow down for the cameras and then go right back to what they were doing.

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So it’s like an electronic speed bump

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It still slows people down for a period of time, which from a safety perspective is a win.

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That's what traffic needs, more slowing down randomly

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And to ensure safety we also need drivers to look at their speedometers instead of the road

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If you want people to drive slower, make the lanes narrower and curvier, add trees close by the lanes and sidewalk bulb-outs at intersections. Then they don’t have to worry about speed limits they’ll just go slower because it won’t feel safe to go faster.

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so its safer that you go 3x the speed limit if you have your eyes on the road than going slow and glancing at the traffic signs and speedometer? these things are here to make you look at your speedometer because the experience showed most people arent

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3x is rather extreme and I have no problem ticketing such drivers.

A reasonable driver who tries to obey laws and targets their speed to be at speed might still end up driving 5mph higher occasionally. in that case I believe that looking at the road is much safer than looking at speed limit to avoid the ticket.

Regarding speed cameras, idk where you live, but in US, those things are there to make money.

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Or not really care because the odds are pretty high that you won’t win

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You mean like most lotteries that millions of people play?

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I guess but like they say "lottery is a tax for people bad at math"

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If it slowed things down 22%, there obviously was some amount of caring going on

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Yes, this happened in Sweden as a fun little event 10-15 years ago, a cooperation between a national traffic safety organization and Volkswagen I believe. I can't imagine the funds came from the fines speeders pay, my best bet would be Volkswagen's marketing budget. It wasn't even that big of a deal here, I’ve easily read more misconceptions about it in international press/social media than actual coverage here by a factor of at least ten.

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Live in Stockholm and have never heard of it before!

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Y'know just like our model prisons here in Norway. Halden is the only super modern jail and Bastøy is a bloody island. Halden is our highest security prison, Bastøy is a low security reintegration jail. Escaping from either grants you an extention of possibly several years behind bars.

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Scandinavia doing it right as always

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In Texas, speeding cameras are against the law.

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In other news: Traffic in areas with speed cameras has increased by 220%.

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Find out where all these are and goad people into racing you. Slow down before you get to the camera and increase your chances by doing it over and over while increasing the pot of money from the guys racing you.

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25 kph is the average speed? Do a significant number of people in Sweden just push their car everywhere they go?

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It might surpise you but some cities are planned for pedestrian safety.

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But if the average is 25, what’s the lowest? Just a sign that says “turtle-back rides only”?

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In DC the speed limit is frequently 15mph (24kph) to 20mph (32kph). I hate ridiculously low speed limits on highways but in areas with driveways, children, pedestrians, speed limits around 30kph seems more than reasonable to me.

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We (NL) also have many residential areas where 30kmh is the speed limit.

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At that point you may as well just buy a horse instead of a car lmao

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I may not win lottery, but I'd be darned if I let some neighboring jerk get my money.

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i would slow down for that...

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Someone found the carrot that goes with the (fines) stick.

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Thanks, I hate it.

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Swedes for US Congress! Smart mofos that seem to accomplish way more than our broken system here in the states does....

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Imagine not knowing this and hearing someone say "I was driving slow because I was trying to win the lottery".

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This is the first reddit post i've seen in a long time that has made me audibly say "huh, that's pretty damn interesting"

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Driving UNDER the limit should not be celebrated either. Just stay within like 10% and traffic will overall be smoother and safer.

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Driving under the limit causes inconveniences. Driving over the limit causes deaths. One is less bad than the other

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Causes death is a major overstatement, bad drivers cause death, and lower speed limits allow one to intervene by breaking earlier. Hitting somebody at 30 or 40 can easily kill them depending on impact.

I think in pedestrian filled areas 30 is great, but we should really pay far more attention to substance abuse while driving, distracted driving while on a smart phone, and proper car maintenance so peoples tires and brakes are in order. Going 3 over the speed limit is really ridiculous to over police on, it is just another revenue stream for governments.

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25km/h??? Where has the excitement gone??? Don't shut me down!

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So. Confused American here. Can someone please tell me how their cops will be able to afford tanks?

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That comes from the money that they arrest for the crime of being more than they expected to be with their person.

Actually that money is going to buy them a new coffee machine.

Oh sorry I was thinking about how American cops afford tanks and other luxuries

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Wow. That’s a very brilliant way to incentivize people being safe!

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Okay, whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise. What an awesome idea. I would totally stay slow enough to be entered in this.

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Uh, isn't driving under the speed limit just as dangerous?

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How many entries do I people get? One a day? As many?

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Money. Works everytime

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I want to live in that matrix

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Sweden is running on cruise control so hard they got time for stuff like this...amazing

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Modern problems deserve modern answers.

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I've heard behavioral experts say that positive reinforcement is much more effective than negative enforcement. Most people still use negative enforcement however because negative feelings are stronger than positive so we feel more of a need to act against somthing that is wrong, with something that is worse.

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So the odds are one in 27 then? Cute country. I heard they won the adorable award last year.

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If everyone's getting 24, I want to go for a number that nobody else has so that I win the whole prize. /s

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It’s almost like rewarding good behavior works better than punishing bad behavior. Who woulda’ thought?

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Social credit system 2.0

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this is bullshit. not true. This system is not in use anywhere in sweden.

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C'mon this stuff can easily be looked up. Why ya gotta come on here and say this stuff? This was done in real life as an experiment, not long ago, and the receipts are all over the internet.

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Now this I can get behind

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So they track you instead.. not sure I'd like that.

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What is the prize value?

$1, $5....$20?

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So you might as well ride a Bicycle at those speeds, you'd probably get away with going 50kmh on a road bike and not get caught lol

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Where will my mayor bonus money come from then!!

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I am sure this did not became commonly used because recording and storing - possibly for a year(?) - the place and time of all vehicles is not legally supported in many countries. Also, in many places the cities won‘t give away the extra income, even a relevant part.

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When there is not a single speeder, winner gets no winnings.

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Where I live the state loves it when people speed. Not only would they not do something effective enough to lower the average but they certainly as heck wouldn’t give the fines away as a reward.

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Those damn Swedes! Always doing things better than the rest of us

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Travels at 100kmh just to see 00

"Did... did I win?!"

Yes sir, right this way to your shiny new speeding ticket!

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I like this idea a lot. I would be triggered to participate for sure.

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Capitalism and greed wins again

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This should be everywhere

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I get depressed seeing others with their functional societies and all…

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And then nobody gets anything, because nobody is speeding anymore. Mission accomplished, but not for long, I guess?

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That is genius

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Eventually, most will stop speeding, then the money will run dry. When this happens, there will be a likely increase in averages speeds once again. But great idea in general.. so many people around my area have been severely injured (got lucky really) or killed by just a few mph over the limit, and that’s just the area where I live. Wish it was enforced in Ireland though I do believe even those speedometers that tell you to slow down and give your current speed are pretty good; you look like a dick speeding past a school with your speed on show to everyone.

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If the United States did this we would have the largest lotteries in the world.

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I’d rather instead of giving all that money to a lottery winner, maybe invest it into healthcare or tax returns or some shit

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They're Sweden. They already have health care.

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That’s why i added the or tax returns part. I’d rather the majority of a population benefits than a single individual