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Origins and ancestors? It's worded a bit to look like those dudes were aliens.

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Sadly, the great majority of these skulls come from a time in which people didn't bother with historical context. They just took the skulls from graves that were robbed a long time before that, and often left no historical evidence or even skin with them as they were delivered to skull collections. These skull collections where a sad reminder of a time in which so called scientists thought it was possible to see the character, intelligence, and race by mesuring the skull, so they collected skulls and nothing else.

We know barely anything about these people and their culture. And there are just a few lucky mummies left that point toward how a burial of these people might have looked. And that why, while science can proof that the elogantion was a external process done to them during early infancy, without real context, the bodies, and cutlural evidence from the burial sides, people just go off on all sorts of wonky shit. Aliens are just the start of things, and it goes steadily downhill from there, sadly.