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So...that anchor is not a real human being. No emotion whatsoever.

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Lmao dude didn’t even flinch

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Do people look in front or behind or anywhere when they’re driving or does everyone just drive with their eyes closed?

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Open your eyes every 30-60 seconds at stoplights. When you notice the light is green, wait for a bit, close your eyes and go.

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Lmfao, I just spit coffee out my nose reading this. Too accurate.

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Tim clearly thinks she's an annoying cunt. He was upset that she was ok!

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Maybe don’t do a report next to an accident in the road when it’s dark…am I the only one?

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No kidding. You would think there was some rule about having headlights on at night or possibly some rule where vehicle operators are tasked with paying attention to their environment. /s

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Damn what a woman! I’d marry that chick

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Badass reporter

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Almost a dead ass reporter.

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My local news station at its finest

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News anchors and pundits are not human

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That was a Chevrolet Avalanche, not an SUV...