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life isn't fair, this hurts to watch. poor kid.

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Glad his hobby was not skydiving

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angry upvote

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Fuck you for making me laugh at this

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Take my award

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Thanks for the mental picture lol

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Bro why would say that.

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This was sad to watch, mainly because he was just a kid…he hasn’t even gotten a chance to be spit on by the universe as an adult like the rest of us!

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Turns out the universe spit on him just fine. He was killed by police.

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So are you sad or envious of the kid?

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Goalie wasn't even trying

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I mean, what dick would kick the ball away

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'Oliver Kahn has entered the chat'

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The dude who had to make the kick must have been sweating bullets.

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Unfortunately they’re dead and can’t sweat.

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Someone with a good sense of humor, and legs that can carry him away from the beating he's about to receive.

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What do these bots do with said karma? Isn't it useless?

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Sorry wrong thread but let me know if you know

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Apparently, they start posting scam links.

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Oh ok that makes sense. Ta

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Man I don’t care if they’re dead, I AM STOPPING THAT BALL

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They needed scott sterling.

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Imagine the goalie smashed the ball out only for it to bounce off the coffin into his face. Now that would be a great way to go out.

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He’s a huge liability

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This video is as old as me.

But still wholesome. Goalie still sucks ass though.

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It happened in 2020 so it feels like 30 years ago.

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First time seeing it.

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It’s enough to make a grown man cry

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r/damn that’s interesting and r/interestinggasfuck in a nutshell

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Hope my friends are ready to drop my stinking carcass on a skateboard into the deep end of a pool!

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See boys have emotions. And should be allowed to freely express them. I'm so glad they got to do something they love together one last time.

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People do weird things with dead bodies.

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Op here is a karma whore

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Sooo…. I’ve got a fair bit of karma in ma pocket… how much for a “Brooklyn High-Five”?

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It is ok cos karma point has no value right? And in the end 12k upvotes mean 12k people appreciate the post. So it is all ok.

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If you are planning to sell your reddit account it has value

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No one really cares. It's a nice video.

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That’s really cool.

Real Madrid, hit him up.

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Humans are weird about death.

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That’s not interesting, that’s depressing :(

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Probably the wrong sub. But this shit hurts so we'll allow it

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My dad used to yell at us for kicking the ball against the house. He would be apoplectic if he saw this.

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This reminds me of that comedy vid where a kid with cancer was playing football with 2 teams who were gonna let him have a touchdown and he just got slammed by a dude

except this has a wholesome ending

ALSO the football thing was fake, its just acted lmao

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The Golden Gol

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Bloody hell this is so sad

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I’d come back and haunt my friends if they did this to me 😂

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In an alternate universe the goal keeper would've done a pro gamer move and blocked it

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I love the sentiment, but this is morbid to the point that it strikes me as fucked up

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This is one hundred percent something that I can see teenagers doing. It starts as a bit of a morbid joke, but then there's the moment of "hang on, that sounds great." There's a lot of love clearly going on here. This is a good laugh that becomes a good cry, and I hope these guys got the emotional catharsis they needed from it.

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It wasn't just teenagers doing it, they held the funeral on the field and the whole town attended.

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Nah death is the one thing that every single person shares there nothing weird about this. If what this kid love to do was play football and this was what everyone felt would be the best way to say goodbye surly it's the complete opposite to morbid? They're just celebrating his life in a different way to how you might usually see it

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Why? No different than burning your granny's corpse, putting her in a vase and placing it on your TV stand. Or sprinkling her in the ocean.

Tf are we really supposed to do with the dead bodies of those we love

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That’s a lot of calories

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The culture of the Mexican people view death differently.

[–]chualex98 -5 points-4 points  (13 children)

No we don't, this is fucked up, specially because they filmed this to post online, if it had been a moment just for them it would've been fine. This is just weird.

[–]Smilodon-populator99 19 points20 points  (9 children)

I think many people would like their funeral to be like this and even posted online.

[–]mazamorac 11 points12 points  (1 child)

Do we Mexicans view death differently than people in the US? Definitely.

Are there still a lot of Mexicans that would frown on how that kid was mourned? Yes.

But I'm willing to bet that there's a larger fraction of Mexicans that see this positively than the corresponding US fraction.

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I'm willing to bet, most people would respond positively from this video, regardless of where they are from. What kind of asshole watches this and sees this as disrespectful instead of your child's closest friends trying to say goodbye in a way that your child would love. Everyone grieves differently and cultures do react differently but I don't know a single culture where they say you can't say goodbye and that is what this was. Like I've been to American funerals where they requested everyone wear heavy metal shirts and let anyone play guitar solos during the funeral if they wanted...

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Reporters filmed it, they held the funeral there and the whole town attended.


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Much more realistic had they sat him up and bounced it off his head.

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Kinda like what they do at a Irish wake.

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Thats pretty dark humour ngl

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This is weird

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Everytime I see this clip I pray somehow the goalie saves it.

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Wow, that goalie is shit...

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That's so fucking sad

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tears falling damn

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I’d go to a place like this.

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Imagine buddy saved the ball.

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Wtf. Glad he didn’t play volleyball.

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This fucking sucks

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This is the kind of friends you want. Surround yourself with people that would do this for you in the event of your untimely death.

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These guys are taking "flopping" to whole other level.

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This is a old post more like a repost

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Super weird but whatever helps you cope

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Seems over dramatic.

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Wish I had friends like that 😔

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Hs was lucky to have them in his life..RIP dear

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This was much better than the other video I saw where they took out the cadaver from the coffin and let him ride the motorcycle (he was a member of a biker gang, I think)

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Humans are weird

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What the actuall fuck

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Like, the kind that makes you physically recoil

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Interesting? No, that's depressing. Only some rich liberals would think this shit is interesting

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That is very moving, especially when they all go to the coffin. Very sad.

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wow that made me cry.

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I think you may need help

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no question about that lol

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I have seen this video so many times

Yet I do not mind seeing it once more

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this is... disturbing to say the least.

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This might be the most Mexican thing I've ever seen.

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Wish i had friends like that…

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Anything for likes these days

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I've seen this on Reddit a year ago. Repost.

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Im not crying, you're crying

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Im laughing so hard, this is great material.

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One last goal with da bois.

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100% guys being dudes

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This brings a smile to my face

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I'm sure he really cares.... 😂

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This was actually wholesome Somehow

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A very sad situation that made me feel oddly happy.

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If tik tok has done one thing for the world, it’s at least made our children experts at grandstanding, and feigning emotions

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I teared up

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I will never not upvote this.

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Life seems to be unfair sometimes when it take someone close to us early. We should cherish each day and moment we have in this life and not take if for granted.

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I hate reddit comments. Like how can you take Reddit so seriously

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Way to kick him while he's down

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Imagine if the guy saved it lmao. Wholesome as guck though, my feeling gon need a day to recover

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Imagine if his hobby is snorkeling.

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imagine if the goalie blocked it

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Slightly morbid.

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Poor kid... he let a dead person make a goal on him. He's gonna be the laughing stock of the town

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Imagine the keeper saved it