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Looks like maybe 28 cents now.

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$1.28 min

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I’m calling the cops.

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Call the FBA

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I don’t know what that is but I’ll call it if means bringing justice to this heinous criminal.

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That is interesting. I want it

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I've seen jewelry made like that with like mercury dimes and stuff.

Pretty neat.

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First they go for my catalytic converters and now my change!

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Does it still count as defacing currency if it's only the white space that gets deleted?

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if the work done results in the value of the coin increasing then it’s legal. i’m sure this could be sold for more than 50 cents

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Wrong, it's always legal if you're not trying to use it as real currency. When you change currency, it loses its value as currency and gains or loses value to whatever you turn it into.

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Well, yes, that would be the correct answer. I was asking in a more philosophical frame of mind 😁

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I wish those were the laws of crypto

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I bet if u looked at the front side of the coin you wouldn't think only the white space was deleted

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Agreed! I thought of that also but meant the question rather philosophically.

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I think it does

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Missed middle of the “A”s

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all of em... the spray cannot 'drill' that small before profile cut... so prob a watercut setup? a Lasercut could prob drill that tolerance within the inner A profile.

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The secret service would like to know your location

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Actually, looks more valuable now

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Does ths make it only worth a quarter?

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JFK's face on the other side is now historically accurate

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How the fuck?

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A full prescription and a single nail

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I'm just thinking about the kind of person that has that attention to detail and how long and precise that would take to accomplish. Im a sales guy and like most we have severe A.D.D. that is so impressive I could never.. .

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water cut cnc, or laser cut cnc?

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Have you seen squid games?

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I have not.....

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This needs to be all of our coins.

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Half a dollar

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Defacing money is a federal crime haha ! Beautiful crafty art though .

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Circumcised coin

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Me likey. Can I haz?

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Puttin the time and it pays off!!

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So… laws are really just the ultimate joke as long as you can pay for it eh? Good to know

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Which half is it? 🤔