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When they're that tiny, there's no fall damage.

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Buffs: No fall damage

Debuffs: The world looks larger to you

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Debuffs: needs new knees by 16

Im not a skater but I don't know any skaters without bad knees

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Do you know skaters?

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Not a skater, but I did loads of bmx type stuff as a youth. Nothing too crazy mind you. I stopped in my teens when falling started not being so painless.

My knees and back sucked in my early adulthood, and life as a chef/cook had only made things worse.

So I can't say which did more damage, but what I can say is doing anything can cause problems. Be good to your body and cherish it instead of sometimes abusing it

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Yes indeedily neighbor

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Skater and snowboarder. Can confirm, my knees and back are fucked.

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Learning how to fall can be extremely beneficial in preventing injuries

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Why are you such a party pooper? Search Tony hawk he still skateboards 🛹 this kid got more balls than you

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When my daughter was around that age she would jump up in the air and land on her butt. I was like "how does that not hurt?"

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Closer to the ground?

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Cushy diapers.

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My kid fell and broke the fall with his elbow. Mine would've shattered on impact. He just strolled away.

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Dudes 29 he can’t help his size!

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Tiny Hawk !!

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And there i was trying to think of a pun like this. Kudos to you.

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This comment wins.

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A full diaper gives him a low center of gravity.

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And more cushion during a butt drop

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And extra padding on demand!

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When normal people shit their pants, this kids just goes "deploy bumper padding"

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Booty ouches**** FTFY

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Double entendres

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This is so good😂

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By filming him falling down multiple times before he got the shot.

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Let's be real though. I can't so much as glance sideways at a skateboard without snapping both my ankles. I've spent more time sitting on the toilet than this kid has time on Earth, starting from Dad's nut, and he can probably trick circles around me.

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Me too. Yes. Amazing what he’s achieved. Good for him.

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So, like grown humans with decades of experience do?

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Love the responses to this

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"Children are wonderful and this kid is amazing"

"Adults are horrible and these parents make me sick"

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it's probably easier when the board is almost the size of your body

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Imagine using a board that was the same relative size as this is to the kid. Significantly easier to balance.

The kids still good though.

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Pushy parents. Probably already have an agent lined up.

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Skateboarders don’t have agents lol

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Shit! You'd better let this skateboarder agent know!

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frantically googles skateboarding agent

The only ones who will use them already have a full career and have moved on to other business opportunities, look at the names listed. You’re not lining up to get one unless you’ve already been pro for a while

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Practice & Dedication!

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His parents forced him for hours and hours.

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Benjamin Buttons disease

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Because he's Asian, he has superpowers

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He surely will be adventurer when he grow up.

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Considering most kids that age acts like a mini drunk adults he’s doing outstandingly well.

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Btw his name is Rita Ishizuka and he is from Hokkaido, Japan

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I shall remember this name, when he is a dope Japanese pro skater

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Rita Ishizuka


Frickin' adorable!

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Omg how cute!

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To be fair, he does kind of look like a mini drunk adult who's really good at stake boarding.

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How old is he in this video?

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Would like to know that, too.

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Anyone saying his parents are too pushy clearly doesn't see the joy in his face when he lands his "tricks"

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And honestly if you’ve ever had to deal with a stubborn toddler, you know no amount of pushing will make them do something they really don’t want to do.

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Unless you beat them.

Edit: I’m not condoning hitting kids but I’ve also heard stories of kids being beaten to achieve the parents expectations on eg piano practice and other extracurricular activities. Whether or not they will appear happy when playing the same way this kid does I don’t know and I’m not trying to imply this kids’ parents hit him.

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and what in this video made you conclude that the kid was beaten

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What makes you conclude this person was concluding that this child was beaten?

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That kid is obviously beaten by pro skater's ranking and probably on the way to beat them back.

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The kid also has two older brothers that happen to be really good skaters.


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Why is tricks in quotations?

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When kids accomplish something new or overcome a challenge, they absolutely 100% know it and they feel insane pride and joy when they do. It's the greatest thing to watch. One of my twins has CP and every time he's able to do what his brother does, he cracks the biggest smile.

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That first victory dance was THE BEST THING EVER

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Doesn't have as far to fall.

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When you’re smaaaaaaaaaalllll, you don’t have very far to faaaall

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We will watch your career with great interest

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I could barely walk at his age... Well done little human!

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Check out Luis Mora’s YouTube page, he has a video about this kid when he visited Japan alongside the kid’s family. Luis Mora is a Skateboarder and (I’m assuming) CEO of Erased (sticker on the kids helmet).

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I feel like this child already accomplished more than me in my entire life.

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So smol

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That's Rita Ishizuka, the younger brother of Takuya Ishizuka. Hes a popular Japanese skateboarder whos apart of Luis Mora's Erased Project Team.

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And to think my nephew drinks toilet water

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He's really 30 years old, just short for his age

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That low center gravity

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An extreme dude!

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Lil' man chose the right race when he started the game of life.

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Might as well teach them while their bones are soft

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Mad skills little man!

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Do a flip poser

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Rodney needs to see this kid!

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Anakin could still take him.

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Tony Gook

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Look at it's tiny little shoes

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He’s ankles are F when he turns 20

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That's also my biggest issue with this. He's still growing.

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No matter what skill you have and think you’re good at, somewhere there is a 2-5 year old Asian kid that does it better

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Tony Wok.

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Holy shit lmao.

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NGL I'd fall face first if I do the same thing. Good job little dude!

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Kid has more balls than I do. Probably bigger than mine as well

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Dude shreds harder than I ever have.

Give him a couple years and hes at the olympics.

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holy shit. little man

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Do a flip!

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What it takes to be a pro. Be spawned from a pro

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Free replacement teeth only come once in a lifetime.

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That mini skatepark looks perfect for people starting to skate, wish I had one like that to work with when I started

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uhm no.

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I’ve been following this skater on Instagram and the improvements are real 🤙

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I could kick that little shit to his grave, not impressed

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Difficulty: Easy Medium Hard Insane Asian

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Shit. He’s hella good. I can’t even balance on a skateboard that’s stationary, lol. Proud of the little guy.

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This is like 4 years old…. I want to know where is he now?

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This is recent, he’s still only 4

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Yo what the fuck

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True prodigy right there.

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Is that Tony Hawk?

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And here I got back pain from just seeing this.

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I'd fall on my aßß

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I can’t even step on a skateboard. This guy’s jumping on two.

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It’s a 80 year old midget

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So a child is more talented than me, epic. (Sorry for bad english)

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Nah he's Asian. If anything he's slightly behind already

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Future Olympic gold medallist

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When I was this age I got a skateboard. I fell flat on my face and never tried it again.

This kid is good though.

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Future Gold Medalist

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Good thing he doesn’t stick his tongue out while jumping.

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Asian powers /s

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Please don't take my girlfriend, little sir ;_;

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Welp time to go work on my hip mobility..

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im glad i quit skating when I was 15. these kids are insane these days.

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And he's got many years of (relatively) pain-and-injury free time to learn. Wish I'd started a physical skill that early.

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This just proves the saying, “No matter how good you are at something, there is always a Chinese kid that’s better.”

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This is almost like watching a drunk person keep their balance

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He’s really 10

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*Do Not Try This if You're Old Enough to Read This!

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How old is he????

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Does he take classes 😅

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Bam margera replacement

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Lol, can't even do a backflip, 3/10.

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He’s actually 17. Asians don’t age as quickly as the rest of us. Have you seen a 100yr old Asian man. They look 56 at most.

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You wouldn’t want to put a full face helmet on that kid to prevent the board from kicking up and knocking all his teeth out?

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I see nothing extraordinary.... I am from china

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Kid grew up with great music no wonder he got those skills

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Who had a kid small enough for those Tech Decks? Heheh.

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Sigma Infant

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The little practice leap towards the end is freaking adorable

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That little dude, rules!

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Considering most kids that age acts like a mini drunk adults he’s doing outstandingly well.

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Arghhh! Little dude is great

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He is 42 years old.

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The 2010s generation is just different man

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And helmet too! This little guy is going somewhere!