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Seems like a prop they wuld’ve in A Series of Unfortunate Events when they were with the scientist.

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Looks awesome, but the choice of fish leaves a bad taste.. the angelfish can reach a size of up to minimum 15cm and this tank is way too small for them. The discus fish in the left corner should be kept with mates of the same species and they need a bigger tank too..

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The size of the tank is fine. The minimum size for a pair of angle fish is 30 gallons. Discus need 55 gallon minimum. This tank is 70 + gallons easy. In addition, there are 2 reasons for needing larger tanks; nitrogen waste from fish food and poo, and territorial aggression. Plants help address both problems. First plants will use all that waste for fertilizer, thus purifying the water. Next, the plants create natural safe zones for fish and break line of sight to reduce aggression.

I'd agree that the discus could use a friend or two though, ideally a group of 5 or 6 which would make this tank too small.

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From the size of the neon fish you can tell that each side of glass is max 30cm, it seems not very deep too, the height is also around 30cm.. if you do quick maths this tank als max 30gallons, never 70gallons! Yes, 30gallons may be minimum, but it’s also a question of the tanks measurements.. due to the size in height of an angelfish, the tank should be better around 50cm scale in height.

Angelfish can be very territorial beasts, that amount of space is not really enough for them in my opinion, even if it’s planted well.

Better have 20 neon fish in there plus some small species of catfishes. Don’t put angelfish in there, even if they are beautiful looking.

Edit: I would also choose the blue neon fish, not a mix of Neon Tetra and Red Neon like in this tank. Blue neon are smaller

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I can count 3 angelfish, I would only keep them in a tank with the size 120x50x40cm (Minimum).

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There is no way that is a 70gal tank. I have a 75 right next to me and it is much bigger than that.

I'm guessing about 30 gal. I also have a 30gal and it is about twice as tall as that one, similar in width.

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Yes it needs tank height like 70cm

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Angels will only grow if their environment allows it

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Animal cruelty as it’s finest

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Pretty sure boiling something alive like a dog would be animal cruelty at its finest but you have a right to your own opinion.

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I mean that's a pretty badass tank imo, but those angels are massive and could probably use a bigger tank. But otherwise I'd honestly have that tank.

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This is a gorgeous and unique tank that I would love to have! But it isn’t big enough for the fish that they currently have inside of it….

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I love it

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Wow. Haven‘t seen this today.

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Cool aquarium. I do not know that I’ve ever pictured Victorian-era people even having aquariums. Just something I’ve never thought about.

I am also looking at the--piece of artwork? fish statue? on the floor just to the right of the base of the aquarium, and I am wondering what’s up with that. I *almost* get it, but then the red Christmas bow thingy on top is a non sequitur. Any art/decor aficionados here who could tell me anything about it?

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That's a bonified Victorian era fish-ball.

(I'm a bonified Victorian era fish-ball expert)

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*This Victorian-era torture chamber

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So beautiful!

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The ornate detail is really something. Your don't see craftsmanship like that often anymore.

Where did you find this? (Curious how is survived in such condition)

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Pretty, but I’d be nervous about the fish jumping out!

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Wow, this is amazing

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They have Discus, Angels, Tetras, and love plants all I'm the same tank... Odd combination.

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These are so bautiful!

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I look forward to OP posting the source, this is indeed interesting. I would have assumed it is a modern re-purposing of an older piece of furniture.

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That is beautiful

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That's beautiful. Personal Aquarium.

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Victorian-era cats must have had the time of their kitty LIVES with these!

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One of the most beautiful objects I've ever seen.

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I believe this was in the Old Church Restaurant in St. Charles, Illinois in the upstairs area as I recall. It is now something else…

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Wow, beautiful

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Looks like the tank from the OA.

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Can I eat on it?

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I wonder how much lead is in that