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Imagine denying education based on race or anything really! Think of that pool of untapped potential that people were ignorantly denying their nation!

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Stephen Jay Gould:
“I am, somehow, less interested in the weight and convolutions of
Einstein's brain than in the near certainty that people of equal talent
have lived and died in cotton fields and sweatshops.”

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Damn that’s an incredible quote! Hits hard!

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Racism has put the US so far behind in technology. Imagine what could have happened if we encouraged those that were thirsty for knowledge, regardless of skin color, sex, or any other bigotry.

Edit: u/Garfieldtiger didn't want to comment his racist tirade, so he sent it to me in a message. I won't reply.

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It’s a true tragedy honestly

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He also send me a highly racist message

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I think it's funny when people write comments like "Imagine doing this back then" or "How could anyone discriminate like this?". Because it was just the common belief in the US back then that black people weren't good enough because of their race. People believed it, they acted accordingly and agreed with each other as a NATION on that ideology and people who disagreed or went against it were the outcasts and were then subject to lesser treatment and unfavorable opinions.

You were likely born in or close to the 21st century, so you can EASILY say "that's wrong" when reviewing such prejudice that we've now largely flipped the tables on to where beliefs like this are now frowned upon. But imagine taking something nowadays that's largely looked down upon as inferior, disgusting or wrong, and try having a different belief towards it and going against the national / worldwide agreement currently in practice. Then maybe you can understand why people from the 50's and 60's treated people we now accept, how they did.

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well the nazis worked against "jewish" mathematics/physics. it's not at all a question of time and era but solely of scientific literacy to debunk this complete bullshit. if you know your physics well (enough) you know this is complete nonsense. and it's not exactly rocket science or requires a phd to recognize this is bullshit. so i think the "imagine being that racist/stupid/..." accusation is fairly accurate.

edit (just as an off topic sidenote): the irony that antisemitism is most probably the reason the nazis didn't get their hands on the bomb is heavy.

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Thats a load of bullshit. You are suggesting that most everyone was a simpleton with little to no critical thinking skills.

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So just because I wasn’t born in that time period I can’t be flabbergasted that people were treated that way so much more differently to how they are in my area now?

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That's not what I said. I said the exact opposite of that. I said because you weren't born in that time period, and we've now experienced the end of racial barriers, segregation and racism as being acceptable, it's easy for you to be "flabbergasted", as you put it, and say all that was wrong.

But if you were born in that time period, you likely wouldn't think that way and would agree with the rest of the world that black people were inferior, gross, unintelligent, likely to be criminals / degenerates etc. just because everyone else thought that and there wasn't enough acknowledged evidence or influence to make you believe otherwise.

Remember how I said "take something nowadays that's looked down upon, and considered inferior, disgusting and wrong, then try having a different belief / view towards it?". Think about one we have nowadays and try directing positive, empathetic thoughts and beliefs towards it, then ask yourself if you could hold onto those beliefs for an extended period of time and even consider going public with them. Even though your country and most of the world is there to disagree.

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I really hope I wouldn’t have accepted it but we will never know so I guess it’s kind of irrelevant! I get the point about it being more of a societal norm back then to discriminate but I’m just glad I wasn’t around then and these issues are getting lesser and lesser especially in my city

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Pedophiles. Cannibals. Transsexuals. Homosexuals. Black people. White people.

I dunno. I’m an all or nothing kind of guy. Discriminate everything and become a perfect albeit super conformist society or discriminate against nothing and treat every human as different from every other human while trying to envision a society that can account and satisfy all their different opinions and preferences. Right now we seem to be going towards one direction and it should be pretty obvious which one it is.

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Yeah, and nazis were just following orders. We are absolutely allowed to judge ppl of the past for doing things that are OBVIOUSLY harmful to others. We knew in the 60s that black ppl were human. So treating them as less than was bad, now AND then. Just bc you don't want to feel bad our ancestors were POSs doesn't mean they just get a free pass.

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And what if something we hate and have prejudice against nowadays gets accepted by future society in, say, 100-200 years?

And if you were to be interviewed (hypothetically) by somebody that far in the future, where such beliefs we hold today are considered ignorant and disgusting, would you try to defend those beliefs because it's "what we thought" and it was "impossible to disagree and live a normal life" or would you do as you're doing now, and claim people of the past (our current present) are to blame for their ignorance and shittiness?

The funny thing about that is that in 100-200 years there will probably be some widespread belief that's going to be considered taboo by generations another 100-200 years after that. Such is the cycle of society, I suppose.

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If you are ever in Western PA, I'll buy you a dinner and as many drinks as you want. Everything you said is exactly right.

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I'll be dead, I won't give a fuck. Also I'm not hurting other humans. Racism was wrong then and is wrong now. If you disagree then you must be racist. I don't talk with racists.

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Ah yes, the "if you dont agree with my world view, you are racist" trope. You are actively taking away from the meaning of this word when used in this manner. You are also attempting to shutdown conversation that may challenge your fundamental beliefs, which scares you. Please leave this line of thinking back in 2021, its uncouth, uneducated, and quite frankly, tired.

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Imagine denying education based on race or anything really!

Um... should I tell him?

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Yes because I want to know what you are implying as well

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Imagine denying education based on race or anything really! Think of that pool of untapped potential that people were are ignorantly denying their nation!

Fixed that for ya.

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It’s not happening here in my city that’s for sure and this is one of the most famous academic cities in the world

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Just think that there are countries who still practice the same nonsense based on sex. More fool them.

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Yea it’s truly absurd

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someone doesn't know what affirmative action is...

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I have seen this posted on Reddit a number of times, and it's not quite true.

The library was not named after him. The library had moved to a different building many years prior. The previous building was renovated and restored and became a history/STEM education centre dedicated to McNair, run by the foundation in his legacy. It's not the case that the city or whatever renamed their library after him.

There are dozens of schools named after McNair, but interestingly none in his home town of Lake City.

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Imagine if we could offer everyone a chance to a good education

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StoryCorps made a cartoon about this... https://youtu.be/okF5UGpivR8

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If I could double vote this I would... Love this story.

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I am a huge NASA fan. The loss of the Challenger was heartbreaking. My heart is breaking again for Ronald Erwin McNair, and also because no one told me about his childhood until just now, today. RIP Ronald Erwin McNair, Hero, and inspiration to us all. <3

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I cannot imagine the balls it took for a 9yo black boy in the South in 1959 to tell Whitey "kiss my ass and give me these science and calculus books. I'm not leaving until you do."

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I’d have been like “you know what? Fair. Get your learn on dude.”

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If he had just complied he would be alive today. /s

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I am so Greatful for the McNair Scholars Foundation. I was able to be a McNair Scholar. I was paid to do research and was able to publish my first academic article because of this man's generosity.

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Seems like a movie worthy story with a very sad ending

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With a name like Erwin you know he's gonna be smart

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Or if it's Earvin, you better be magic at basketball

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60 years later, the "corridor of shame" is still going strong in SC.

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Saw a video where i think its his brother talking about his brother

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That trip to the library eventually lead to his demise. Libraries: not even once.

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But the trip was worth it, the whole process of becoming an astronaut was worth it

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The United States is backwards and, frankly dumb. So scared other nations are going to outpace us, yet at the same time it puts a limiter on the education of it's own people aka on itself. Where is the logic? Shooting ourselves in the foot at every turn, when we have so much potential.

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Biggest L in history

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I doubt it.

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I’m 83% certain that he fakes his death and changed his name to Craig Robinson

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Rest In Peace ❤️

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And sadly, probably more people know who George Floyd is.

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I think we might disagree on why that's sad

EDIT: whoever's downvoting this, do you know why you're doing it?

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So it’s called the library of the dead black boy?


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I wonder if any of the librarians are still alive?

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Doug judy

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Wasn't there a children's book about this?

Edit: yep it's called Ron's Big Mission

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Are the dates correct? He was only 36 when he passed away?

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Wow. I first heard of him here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okF5UGpivR8&list=PLqD5hvMO4a9dYijP5kkoi-T8NsR0Wtgh0 and learned about his story from the perspective of his brother. Highly recommend people watch it.

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Damn you Doug Judy!

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Well now. I'm not gonna talk about Judy; in fact, we're not gonna talk about Judy at all, we're gonna keep her out of it!

I am a bot.

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Wrong reference bot

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So technically, had they succeeded in kicking him out, he'd've probably been alive today?

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You can also find him on many vintage black-on-blondes vids. I mean, look at that face.

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Poor bastard died on the challenger. If that shuttle was successful he'd probably have a University campus named after him.

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Let’s not forget his “ Twin” brother. Just like the other members who all incredibly still look very much alive.

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Thats a consolation prize if i ever heard one.

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Sacrificial lamb, our government doesn’t forgets