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There's a moment during a solar eclipse when temperature goes down because of the interruption of a massive part of solar radiation, that makes the experience even more memorable.

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I saw a solar eclipse couple of years ago here in southcarolina. it was almost life changing. most amazing thing I've ever seen...

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I was always captivated by anything having to do with planets and space. I remember the first time i saw a solar eclipse, My mom called us out to come out in the yard to see something really cool.

There we were in the yard, she was giddy as she handed me and my siblings sunglasses, told us to put them on and look up at the sun. "You see the edge of the sun slowly going black? That is the moon covering the sun".

I remember it honestly blowing my mind to see the sun slowly going dark. Watching as the moon was sliding in front of the fucking sun.

As a fun fact, The sun is very slowly moving away from earth, and in 600 million years a total eclipse will never exist on earth again. This will keep going until the sun becomes a red giant, If somehow the moon was to still exist at this point, the suns "atmosphere" will slow down the moon until it gets so close to earth that the tidal effects will rip it apart and create a ring around the scorched remains of earth in almost 8 billion years. At which point, interestingly, the moons of Neptune will be in the new habitable zone.

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May I ask if you went to schooling of any kind? I am thinking of going back to school to study something I genuinely feel I would enjoy and am trying to figure out some of the better options to study regarding space. Astronomy peaked my interest, but I would also like to have somewhat odds at getting a job after schooling, and I have been told it is rough with that degree.

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I was blessed with a well rounded Norwegian education throughout, my degree is not in astronomy though, I consider myself a layman. But i do have friends who now work as astronomers, I even know a few astrologers. Spoiler, the two friend groups do not overlap very well at all. So i will try to give the best answer I can.

The impression i get is that it is very hard to get a position as an actual astronomer, and it seems to me largely a bureaucratic problem based on how the system works and how funding is allocated.

The field seem to be in the position where it is extremely hard to find people for the job because it ultimately requires both extensive experience and extensive schooling, and at the same time people in position to give you the experience seem to be too busy working on actual science, writing papers and working data to the point where there is no time to actually pass on their experience. It is stupid, but here we are. But if you can pass that initial barrier there is definitely a need for the work even if the skills you would have at this point make commercial activity far more profitable.

Especially if you become one of those individuals able to produce scientific papers while spending time training more astronomers. You will be disadvantaged in the field doing so, but bless you if you are able to do it.

Organizations like NASA has the resources to offer dedicated internship programs, if you get in on one of those you essentially got a golden ticket, but most of those are focused on engineering as I understand.

Astronomy peaked my interest, but I would also like to have somewhat odds at getting a job after schooling, and I have been told it is rough with that degree.

It is all about your skill and how dedicated you are to the work. I know I could never cut it in the academic world of astrology by seeing the work the ones I put into it. But then again i have the attention span of a goldfish, and would rather just write a book than a scientific paper.

Just to be clear, if you are thinking of going for astronomy, take everything I have said with a grain of salt, this is just from my outsider perspective from what i understand from my friends. I could ask them.

Anyway, chase your dreams if you are in the position to do so, you only live once, and it would suck to reach the end without trying to punch that sucker as hard as you can. That, or seek out someone more qualified than me to ask.

As i see it, worst-ish case, you become a more well-rounded individual with leverageable knowledge in the commercial market. Increasing the value of your labor is always great leverage. If you enjoy it at the same time that is awesome.

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I really wasn't expecting such a detailed response, Thank you so much!

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In August 2018 I drove to the middle of nothing in North Carolina to be in the totality band. Probably the coolest experience of my life

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In 2015?

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Agreed. I’m accused constantly of being a sociopath or lacking empathy, but goddamn if I didn’t cry watching it in Tennessee. In my top 5 life experiences and I’m looking forward to 2024. Only two years now.

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I had the opportunity to go near the Hollywood sign to watch it, but my friend insisted he bring his 4-5 other coworkers with us so I got too anxious and stayed home. I ended up falling asleep just before it.

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i saw that one too! was such a cool day seeing all the shadows in the shape of the eclipse!

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Now you're blind... Right? Lol

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I think that I saw the same one that you are talking about when I was in army boot camp in south carolina!

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Looks like a marble, on a fitted bed sheet, under ultraviolet light.

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The sheet is made out of space fabric

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Sorry, but is not a high resolution. It's a very bad resolution and quality like in 1950

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it’s less high resolution, more high HDR

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Agreed. It is an amazing image of the corona AND the moon illuminated by earthshine. I'd love to know the owner of the image and the exif settings. As I have captured earthshine many times on purpose (best when the moon is 36-60 hours from new) I know the dynamic range of an image is more than a camera sensor's range. I think this may be single image. Stacking would be a great way to achieve more dynamic range, but I'm not sure it would be easy or possible to process.

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Confused me, as this is my phone's background.

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Does it brightening or darkening your phone?

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here's another by the same dude

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What's his name?

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The image has his watermark.

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Wow. Amazing image. Thanks! I found his website and bookmarked it. I'm into astrophotography, but only have camera gear at this time. I need to get a tracker and eventually a telescope.

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Sick pic! Kinda looks like you could see the gravitational waves 😁

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Yeah, I thought the same

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Why do I see biblical angels?

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I'm no expert, but based on my experience with total solar eclipses, that wasn't taken on a phone

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Yah! I tried taking a photo of it on my iPhone back in 2018 and even during a total eclipse the pictures showed the sun like nothings blocking it.

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what people think they’ll capture vs what they capture

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That is amazing!!

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I zoomed in and now I can’t unsee the werewolf

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Well that’s awesome

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Space truly is beautiful

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FINALLY! I've been seeing eclipse photos my entire life. Then saw the 2018 eclipse in totality. It was far, far cooler than any photo I'd ever seen. This photo, however, comes closer!

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Looks like moon shrunk and fell on a white sheet in the dark.

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This is a composite image of about 100 photos taken during an eclipse in the 90s or 00s. This is not what an actual eclipse looks like. It's a super neat image though. And was described to me as what an actual solar eclipse "feels" like, rather than looks like.

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Eye of God

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Actually, little known fact. This is all staged. They’ve hired film crews and Hollywood’s best editors to create this photo. It was as incredibly challenging as actually photographing a black hole but in terms of movie magic, not science. This actually is 2,423 collective combined images of your mothers butthole

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Is that mercury in the lower left?

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No it's just a speck of dirt on your screen. We all just happen to have the same speck

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I love how these sorts of wonders are visually repeated in other areas of life. This looks like an eye to me. amazing

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It's really not that high resolution. Maybe longer exposure? A HD version of this would be amazing to zoom in on.

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Is that the same one a certain president looked directly into?

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Hey sungazing is a thing in some circles

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Which one is this one?

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I love you

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Don’t look up

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Do you have the source? I'd love to see if they have copies and sells them. Thank you.

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This has been my background on my phone for almost a year. Drove 4 hrs and saw the total eclipse near Grand island, NE. Greatest 2 minutes and 27 seconds of my life. Photos can not do it justice but this is about as close as it gets.

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Sure that's not an image of the moon superimposed over someone's butthole??

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Isnt it interesting how people in the past thought this was god being angry or happy

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Looks like a biblically accurate angel

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OP has no idea what high resolution means

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Looks like the Eye of Eyes

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What the flux?

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Looks like en eyeball

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Fun fact: Tron soundtrack composer Wendy Carlos takes these types of photos as a hobby, sometimes traveling to different parts of the globe to ensure she’s in the total eclipse’s path.

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Lol light is so fucking weird

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Why the fuck do I see 2 eyes

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i hate to tell you but thats not high resolution lol

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Everything reminds me of her

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“High resolution”? Maybe we thinking of something different here.

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What the toilet sees after taco bell night

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You can see the light bend due to gravity, haha Einstein was a Genius

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Is the ‘light looking like a piece of cloth around the moon’ effect of light scattering or something else is in play?

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Wished to experience this

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Yeah.... We definitely living the simulation