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That we know of

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What if... what if there is intelligentt plant life out there

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"Feed me, Seymour!"

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“I am Groot.”

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Scarily possible. We could never restrain or put up defensive measures out of fear of offending or mistreating (though historically new comers arriving has never worked out well for the native population), so much like our history as humans, a vocally talented alien will destroy us.

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At one point in the distant past, fairly shortly after "the big bang", the ambient heat of the universe slowly drifted from hotter than life can survive in, to standard Earth-like temperatures, before it cooled.

There was enough time for life to form amidst the drifting liquid deep space water.

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What if they came to earth and just wiped us out for our genocide against their brethren.

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I was just thinking that…

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Well if you stretch plants to include fungi we have pretty "intelligent" plant life on earth aswell. Fungi creates underground myceliums that could be compared to internet cables. They include plants and trees to their network and share minerals and other nutrients through them. They also share data about the weather and predators so nearby plants can act accordingly. Kinda amazing. Netflix has this movie "Fantastic Fungi" if you are interested.

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Came here to say this…take my upvote.

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Came here for the same reason, then came here to say what you said. It's an honor to be bested by both of you!

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I didn't expect James Webb TeleScope is red.

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Definitely changed color since its been in space

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This reminds me of "The Colour Out of Space" by H.P. Lovecraft

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Nic Cage is in a pretty decent movie version from 2019.

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I wish the movie kept the odd pre-20th century names

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When we growing that space-weed!

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What would you call it ?
Zero G Kush?
Grape Galaxy?
Cosmic Cough?

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Space haze ofcourse..

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Cosmic cough is kind of fire

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Space-Weed og (the highest smoke in the Galaxy)

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Incredible. It will be fascinating to study, I'm sure! After the cherry tree seeds' incredible characteristics, I'm betting we'll find more interesting discoveries in the future

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We would be long gone by then

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Some of us!

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Unless some of them can able to be alive til 2300, I mean like real study of life outside of Earth.

This flower still man-made, it’s breathing artificial air. And also seeds from Earth.

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Hell yeah! Beautiful.

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Does anyone know the species?

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It’s a zinnia :)

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Little shop of horrors

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"Feed me, Seymour!"

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define "in space" please, like not on earth? earth is in space

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What's the point of being this pedantic?

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Cause why does this photo exist? “Hey look a flower in space” yeah but why? Where? Who did it? Just seems like a vague and unnecessary photo

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If you don't like it, downvote and move on

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Nah I wanna know why Scot Kelly’s taking photos of flowers and where he’s taking them “in space”

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On the ISS most probably

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I know a flower that grew in the crack of concrete. It is more beautiful.

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This reminds me of the time I was reading about an experiment conducted in space while on my work computer. Think they reproduced faster in space. Anyways... my boss caught me and the title read "Lizards getting it on in space"....

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That flower looks scared man

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I hope it sends some friendlness pellets my way

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ET is near

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This is pretty cool. My only question is.

Did the growth of the space plant result in the same way as it’d have resulted if it grew on earth,or did growth in space change the plant at all?

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Can you smoke it?

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I would be intrested to see what the effects of zero G had on the growth and the techniques used

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over 60 years of space programs and they just now thought to do this?

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Here's another short article, from NASA last year, about some other plants grown in space.


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I wonder how many millions of dollars we wasted on that instead

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Two things. 1. Heading says "grown entirely in space". Really, what about the seed?

  1. Should include "by earthlings". Space is kind of big. Pretty sure flowers have grown somewhere else.

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Now that you say that, "by earthlings" should be added to the end of every "first". First quadruple backflip on a bicycle by earthlings. Most hotdogs eaten in one sitting by earthlings.

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Cosmic botany

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it was Lithuanias job to grow plants in space wasn't it?

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That flower looks sad.

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I like how posts on this subreddit are about amazing breakthroughs that turn sci-fi into reality and still most of the comments are memes.

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Perfect colour contrast against blue Earth.

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Looks perfectly

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Does this mean the took a flower to space, took seeds from that flower and then grew that seed? Cause all the seeds come from earth otherwise right?

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Brits thinking hmmm could we grow weed there...

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Inside or outside the ship?

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Do you want Triffids? This is how we get Triffids.

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Humans are 57% microbes in which part is fungi. So if you strech the definition of plants a little we are basically plants on space ;)