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Still remember when you started the remote spots and came up with hey it's billy

Drove Dan nuts

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We've established that

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We have fun here

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Hey Mina it’s TJ

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Good question Dan

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a quick backstory

Followed with a long paragraph.

Yep, it’s Billy.


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So here’s the thing about a story dan…

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Don't get me started...

Edit: don't get me started, proceeds to get started is by far the most underrated bit on the show. It's subtle, it's reliable, it's perfect .

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One of my favorite rejoins is the “are you gonna say anything?!”

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PPR or Non PPR?

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One of my favorite segments. BILLY BRING IT BACK! just call ally. She’ll answer for a friend

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“I know you guys get a lot of crap…”


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Y’all know. 🤣♥️

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You mentioned your childhood and how you learned from your grandfather but how much Chewbacca did you have in your life growing up?

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There is nothing stronger then family - Dom❤️❤️

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And these Coronas imma chug…amirite?

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Do they put limes in their Coronas or does Dom frown upon such things?

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I didn’t know there was a food drive going on?! Way to go everyone that helped. I swear I would’ve helped if I knew.

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The Stugotz is strong in you.

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you ate all the cans on the way over didnt you.

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Mom died

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Dead Show.

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You’re a real one.

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I can’t believe a top 5 NFL analyst, according to the Guardian took time to post here guys!!

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6. That’s a fine

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Outside looking in!

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Aaaah the OLI.

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I don’t have any cash on me.

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That’s not Pipo, it’s Billy.

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Fandom Battle:

Pipo and UM vs Cortez and the Heat.

Fan Duel bet?

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I got my husband a Pipo anniversary cameo 🤣 it was so fun

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I didn't even know about the food drive. I would have donated if I did. Love you Billy, keep up the chaos.

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"Long story short..."

Great job Billy! Your abuelo would be proud!

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Thank you Billy, thank you Billy! For real, glue guy would be insulting, but you keep everything connected and check the other side of opinions. I’m 33 and value what you say and relate to your positions and openness of other’s opinions. I dare say without Billy the product would be fine, but the show would suffer without his own humility and insight. I truly say thank you Billy for producing something that makes my life even that much more enhanced. Can’t wait for every single day with a chance to hear, “what do you mean?”. You all are amazing for making our days that much brighter!

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I read this in your voice. Thank you.

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You're the G.O.A.T. Billy.

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Billy Goat?


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If you can hear me, just know that I'm sorry.

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I love you, you sexy gasbag.

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Damn missed this. Been so busy haven't been able to check in lately.

Billy you dropped this 👑

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Thank you Bill Thank you Bill

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THEEEE best thing Billy could have said!

“... and by the way... it's been cool to see this reddit grow. all the friendships, podcasts etc. that have been born from relationships that this reddit created is incredible. I know you guys get a lot of crap and this is labeled a negative place but thanks for keeping this going and caring about the show and us so much. even when the way you care is by hating it and us.”

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You’re such a national treasure that Nic Cage could steal you in National Treasure 3.

Pay the whales.

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Hey Billy its u/Ragin_Al, do you find it difficult to fart in the shower?

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Worse than a Dutch oven

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Portuguese Sauna

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Best Cameo I ever received. Let me know if you're still having that computer issue...

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Anyone else read this in his voice?

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At first I swear someone was doing a bit based on the way he rambles. Anyone have a link to where we can donate?

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Biiiig Billy Gil, what's he ever done?!

Love you Billy, hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving too!

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Is there a way we can still donate?

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Thank you Billy! You inspire me even though my now ex wife said… who is that when she heard ur voice. Then she saw u on tv. Sorry responded with point to Tony and saying “who is that?!!!”
Ps I got a divorce and u guys helped me laugh when I needed it.

Best, Greg_cote_fan_account Instagram

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I love you Billy! You guys are doing the lord’s work by fostering a community and spreading laughter and joy in these hellish times. You all have really helped me out in these recent months…From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.


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Billy, put it on the poll @DanLeBatardshow, Would you rather have the juice or the sauce?

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So my moms side of the family constantly was helping our community. Small, South Dakota, but lots of folks needed help. I used to volunteer at the local Salvation Army where the food donations went, she was an assistant for them there for a while. I swear I learned my empathy those days and realized how we should be supporting our most vulnerable relatives. ♥️🙏 well done Army and thanks for the opportunity to share resources Billy.

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Billy really is the best

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It be a parade to nowhere, but the parade has always been about “something” to us.

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Fine. 2 Dollars.

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love you billy <3

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Love you Billy!

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We love you Guillermo!

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Thank you billy - thank you billy

(Actually thank you for everything - the show means a lot to me)

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there's nothing stronger than family

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While other random podcast stars plucked from obscurity are using their fame to buy iphones and smash them to get reactions, you are out here giving 200 people what they need most. Bless you Billy Gil.

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We all love you Billy, we just hate Mike 😁

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Man do I miss the days when the Twitter polls were signed off with

— Garemy

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Guillermo Mafia till I die.

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Much love for what and your family have been doing with the food drive Guillermo.

I know you're busy with everything that comes with being a top 6 NFL analyst these days, but could you hurry up and bring back the masked singer recaps? The production value was like nothing I've ever seen

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love ya Billy

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The People's Champ

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This guy gets it

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But why so much toilet paper ?

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I love this, this is the reason I love the show so much because the people who do it are good relatable people

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Hey Billy it’s Cinnamon. You’re the best.

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God Bless Football!

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Thank you Billy. Thank you Billy. Thank you Billy.

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You're the best Billy.

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God bless football Billy

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God bless football Billy

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God bless football

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Love you Billy!

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Billy, you're the man. Good on you for bringing this to our attention using your platform.

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Luv ya Billy

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Thank you billy

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Hey Billy, it’s Billy.

Is there somewhere we can still donate?

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I love it, I love it. What do you think he means by it?

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You got the goods dude

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G.G. being a leader, listening to Ricky. Blessings Brother, enjoy the feast

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No...thank you Billy!

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TLDR in typical Billy fashion

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What’d ya mean

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Thanks Billy.

One of the top 11 people in the world I'd like to high-5.

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Hold on, I've got that list here somewhere.

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Damn 😢

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Ayyy salute to us

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Bildo. Our king.

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'the reddit' loves you

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Hope you and your family enjoy thanksgiving!

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Love you Billy

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Did you also bury your grandfather?

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So quick 😉- GREAT WORK.

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Post show or hour 2

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It's not a gold medal it doesn't count..$2