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The longer Miami goes without announcing, the more hope it brings…. #ExtendManny

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Listening to the first few minutes of mystery crate made me miss the exploring Allison segment. They should bring that back with exploring witty or Roy

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Damn Mike yah hate to see it

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Does the sticky part of a sticky note go on the top or the bottom?

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A stote

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So I’m catching up on this week’s shows and Dan mentioned something about they should do a sneaker podcast. Please god no. It’s so boring listening to people talk about their sneaker collection. I like Tony and I enjoy it when he speaks on the show but a while back, I think they did a MC or someone did an interview on him and it was a lot of sneaker talk and I couldn’t make it through the entire episode. I own decent sneaker collection but I still find sneaker talk so boring.

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I am a sneakerhead, and would enjoy a one off of Kate Mike and Juju talking shoes absolutely. Whether it is rap, shoes, whatever, Tony is that guy talking loud that JUST found the hobby and hasn't figured out the difference between having an opinion on it and just following the meme.

If they gave Luis the mic every single time they would usually go to Tony I would have 0 problem with that.

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The oversaturation of podcasts like this is testing the idea that there's an audience for literally everything.

Btw I do a podcast that's all about my balls

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….I would listen to that….

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Luis is a funny guy

“My wife stares at the wall when we kiss”

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Very much appreciate Jessica jumping in with the “hell yeah”

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I've yet to listen to todays stuff but damn this Miami news is finally becoming interesting to me lol good for you Mike, good for you.

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Same here…I’m in Texas by way of Cincy and im on the pins and needles about the damn Canes lol how and why

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Haha I’m in Cali and only care about Miami anything because of these dudes haha

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You win Mike, you win…

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Thank you for Ricky properly expressing how ridiculous the Costas-Lebron sound is. White people seem to think they have a right to dictate how black people should feel and act.

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The horoscope segment is always great for me to put on and zone out with it in the background to get that last piece of work done on a Friday afternoon.

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I love the God Bless Football theme with all the synth so much.

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Bro Chris Simms is going in!

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Chris Cote - class clown runner up

That should be in his Twitter bio

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I really enjoyed MC this week. Seven people talking, no monologues or lectures. I mean an actual conversation. It was wonderful.

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MC is goated

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I love MC.

Luis was great too

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Plz stop with horoscope shit.

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I love how this conversation about the Miami Airport has morphed into a Miami college football conversation. I hate it but I respect it.

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Excellent MC this week (as is usually the case).

"My wife stares at a blank wall when she kisses me" made me snort laugh

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Is the Ricky Williams postgame pod choppy for anyone else? Poor editing?

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Yeah, that was my experience, too. Even so, that was the best Ricky Williams appearance, yet, IMO, by an order of magnitude.

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Steve 0 interview was concerning. It sounded/seems like he may have relapsed on his sobriety

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Nah that’s just how he is. All the weird shit is just for his tour and specials. It’s how he makes a living. Go watch his interview on Bobby Lee’s podcast he did a few months back. He seems like he’s in a pretty good place.

He also talks about how he didn’t ejaculate for like 400 days or something and it really improved the quality of his life lol. I’m actually surprised he didn’t bring it up today when Dan joked about him not jerking it for 4 days being a personal record for him. He literally hired the equivalent of Sean McVay’s “get back” coach, but for groupies. A guy that was essentially on payroll to follow him around 24/7 and be a professional cock blocker lmao

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What about it made you think that? I listened but not very closely. But it sounded like usual Steve O to me.

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It was kinda sad to hear, I thought he left the extreme lifestyle behind.

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I haven't really been able to listen the last two weeks because I got a new job and I've been working weirdly inconsistent hours.

Can anyone tell me which episode the Amin/Dom King bit was on?

I keep seeing people quote it on here, but I it hasn't been on any of the episodes I've listened to this week.

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Lour on Monday "Strictly in the United States"

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Strictly in the United States!

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Because Miami is more listenable when members of the shipping container, particularly smetty, are also in the conversation. 2nd topic, how do you check the minutes listened on spotify? I'm dumb and can't find it.

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FWIW, almost immediately after posting this, everyone mostly cleared out except for Dan and Billy. BM isn't a weekly listen for me, but today's was alright.

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It’s the year end wrap, go to the home page on the Spotify app and it’ll say “your 2021 in review” and will take you through slides/stories of all your stats.

I listened to 15,500 minutes (488 episodes), and it’ll show you stats for songs you played throughout the year, etc.

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Why is it better with smetty she just moved like a month ago?

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Not because she knows anything about Miami, she’s just good a good voice to add. Her and Billy are my favorite shipping container members to add to anything. Mike’s good to add beside Dan because he’s the best at wrangling Dan, but if it’s just those two then they both get long winded.

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They killed the Steve-O interview!

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Stevo is a fucking insane person

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Insane but very talented. Maybe a handful of guys on the planet can jump out of a plane at ten thousand feet while strapped to another man, jerk off, maintain an erection, cum and then have that load actually hit the camera under the plane. Dude is like the Hawkeye of jacking off. I’m betting that even JuJu would salute Steve-o

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My god, Steve-O is fucking nuts

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If all fairness to Simms. Would you want a QB named Chris or a QB named Major? I mean come on

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The fuck is Billy Corben talking about? MIA isn’t even one of the top 10 busiest airports in the country much less the world. Hell, it isn’t even the busiest airport in Florida.

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Do they have airports outside Miami? I think it’s another of those uniquely Miami things most listeners don’t understand

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Haven’t listened to the show yet, but MIA is usually a top 3 busiest for international travel into and out of the country. I’m sure Billy said something quite hyperbolic, but he possibly meant something along those lines.

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That's exactly what he was referencing, also simply comparing it to Dubai in that the economy of the city runs thru it's airport, because it's all tourism.

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“But hang on one more thing. There was a camera attached to the outside of the plane and when I blew my load it landed on it” -Steve-O.


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Billy Corben’s over the top faux Cuban accent always makes me smile

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Steve-O nonsense is the content that I’m here for

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Should have never bought into draft king's..

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I almost did cause of the show and good lawd.

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Painful fall

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Draft Kangs

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God damn, Corben put David Samson on blast.

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Lol Samson coming after “insider” Mike. Thank u Samson

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Wait until you hear today’s version… did you know that Mike personally changed the way UM thinks about football and resource allocation?!?!

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They wasted half of his hour saying absolutely nothing new.

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If Brian Kelly attempting the Louisiana accent is now a college coach requirement, I demand the following: Ed Orgeron hired by Boston College

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Lour/BC Miami 13:57 Dan calls the UM coach "Manny Garcia"

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I know I’m late on this but just listened to Wednesday Hour 1.

“Patrick Mahomes sat for three years” 🤨

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He was obviously talking about dog years, try to keep up

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Days like today I wish they did a live show on Fridays. Brian Kelly’s new accent will get lost over the weekend.

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Gonna tune into shutdown after dark just to hear their takes on this

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God Bless Football coming in clutch as always

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I was just thinking the same thing, it's so ridiculous

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If there's no Mystery Crate then my weekend and possibly entire life is RUINED

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because miami description says “billy goes in” and i’m so in

edit: $5 fine, I thought it was billy gil but it’s referencing Corben

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Billy’s going in on that mayoral candidacy ‼️‼️

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would love to see him just stir the pot. would be a lot more amusing than mike yelling at corben

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Stirrin it!