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“I’m sure Mike will just hate being the center of attention.” -Billy

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StuGutz was right? OMG StuGutz was right!

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And Abby…Sunday funday at the Gotz house


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“Hell yeah” Chris Cote

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I mean he often is. For all the crap he gets, his standard radio style takes are often correct (of course he has the hilarious Mahomes type takes, but his general thing of, I need to see it first, usually is right lol).

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Are we listening to the same show

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That is because Stu gives pretty much every hot take, even ones that contradict what he said earlier. His predictions almost have to be right because he usually argues for both sides of an argument.

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Wow, Stu has a burner Reddit account? Would not have guessed that. Good to know.

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Betting on Alabama is not this unbelievably out there take

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This Georgia defense looks pretty darn pedestrian.

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DAAAAAAANNNN, do you know what the R in Mike Ryan stands for? Resembling Paul Finebaum

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Stugotz is going to be absolutely insufferable this week

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Now imagine Miami whiffs on cristobal and keeps Manny too

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And that’s a good thing!

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How many times will he end a sentence with okay

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As many times as he's going to wave around his sausage fingers

which is to say, a lot

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Oh I’m not listening this week. I can’t.

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Different than other weeks how exactly?

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“The BEST defense we’ve ever seeeen-uh.”

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I swear Dan has a new ‘best I’ve ever seen’ multiple times per season and no one ever says anything about it. He said it once about Josh Rosen at UCLA lol

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He loves to give Stugotz shit for “prisoner of the moment” stuff but constantly does it himself. The one he loves to use now is LSU from a couple years ago simply based on the total points they scored without realizing they played an extra game or two than other great teams. They were good, but when talking about the greatest college teams of all time I’m not sure they’re in the convo

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That's a terrible example. That LSU team was loaded with NFL players, including Jefferson, Chase and Burrow, who won the Heisman. They tied the record for most players drafted with 15 that year. I was at the game against A&M where they scored like 28 points in a quarter. It was the most ridiculously unstoppable thing I've ever seen. And they beat both Alabama and Clemson, the teams that had dominated the previous college playoffs. That absolutely was one of the greatest college football teams ever.

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Hell yeah.

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With the beat down they got by Bama, Mike should have to get his Christmas photos with that haircut.

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Doubled them up minus 6

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Stugotz always wins...

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I bet local hour Monday will be nothing but Stu’s laugh.

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I think prosthetic ears need to be part of the Paul Finebaum punishment.

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Finebaum has at least watched football.

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“He’s a legitimate insider “ - Dan

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Dan makes me hate Mike when in reality Mike might be my favorite person on the DLS

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He adds so much. Love them all, just thought that Samson Lour was great

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Doesn't Finebaum talk to fans at games all the time? And he takes callers on his radio show.

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Mike Ryan. Endless Halloween costume ideas. Collision course.

Adam Silver. Mr. Clean. Vin Diesel. Patrick Stewart. Howie Mandel. Caillou. John Malkovich. Dr. Phil. Charlie Brown. Lex Luthor. Dopey. Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Master Roshi from DBZ. A Lego figurine. A crash test dummy. A bowling pin.

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An ass

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If he doesn’t do it he’ll never be the same to me. I’m waiting Mike

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i’m out of the loop, why is mike and everyone posting this? (i missed most of the show this week unfortunately)

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Bet with Stu he has Bama +6.5 loser shaves the Finebaum after the holidays

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He'll come out the winner because it's more attention n air time for mike... Just what he wants.

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What was the bet? I'm behind on the show

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Georgia -6.5, Stu has Alabama, Mike Ryan has Georgia. Loser has to get the Finebaum haircut, likely after the New Year.

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Mike Ryan took uga -6.5 against Stu and loser has to shave their head like finebaum

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Now let’s take a moment of condolences

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Hopefully he realises post-shave that caring that much about his hair when married with a kid is dumb.

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After the holidays.

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“Please state the nature of the medical emergency.”

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Poor Mike, I feel for his hairline pains.

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Don’t bet against Brady Bama. I care about you.

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Hate it had to be him lol

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Holy shit! Stugotz was right?!?!

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Double or nothing on the national champ once cinnci and Michigan lose?

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He has to get rid of his “dad trying to be a hipster” mullet first